Reality check

We dreamers sometimes need to be confronted with reality. A reality check can be a harsh awakening. It is nevertheless necessary for us to realize that life isn’t only made of sweetness, but also of tough moments.
It is even funny to notice that when we lack things we considered as important, our mind gets hit when the only important and necessary details, automatically burying secondary things.
I have been through harsh situations. I have often lost courage, but I never lost faith. More strikingly, I realized that I might lose a lot of things, but I am nothing if I can’t write. Writing means the world to me. Not only do I consider writing in itself as important, but writing as a way of expressing myself, letting out my emotions, from happiness to rage. But writing would be vain without having a readership. Readers, you are as much important as the words that come out of my mind and spread on that page!
I am nothing without the music either. Even walking through the darkness is always softened through the music.
No matter how hard fight might be in the jungle, both elements- writing and the music- keep my mind balanced.
When you walk through the night, don’t fear the valley of shadow of death. You might face situations in which you feel you can’t trust anyone, where feelings of discouragement follow desperation. You might ask yourselves why God put you there.
Don’t worry: if God put you there, there is also a way out. The little burning flame inside of you will guide you out of the dark.
Reality check is the salt that prevents your mind from corruption.
Copyright ©2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Reality check”

  1. We are all hit with a reality check once in a while…but remember god doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle…keep the faith. We all have been hit with tough times…hard times…i know i have…but you can’t let one bad thing bring you or your dream down…you have to fight to win!!!
    Is, when i think of writing or the internet…i am reminded of you…i can’t wait to visit your places. you have a gift…your writing is a gift from god…you have a lot of talent…you are going to go places with it…i promise you that!!! you are one of the STRONGEST people i know.
    Never give up on music or writing…especially yourself…always be a dreamer. please believe our dreams can be a reality. dreams DO come true!!! it all depends on how hard we fight to win…your a winner!!!
    I know from personal experience sometimes i have to vent…get mad and get my feelings out. i can be having the worst day of my life…i write…i write better when i’m mad or upset…sometimes i put music on…music clears my head…calms me down. almost immediately i feel better. it’s funny what can help us relax…in mintues.
    We are all here for a reason…your purpose is writing…you are truely gifted…your readers love your work. i know i do. keep the dream.
    Take care & Much love,

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