Representing sunny Colorado: Dr Jekel

Picture yourself into an arid landscape in sunny Colorado. Let soft guitar sounds guide you while Dr Jekel will recite his ballad for you.
Damn U is a rhythmic ballad of desperation that describes domestic arguments. Sometimes it does so good to scream « Damn U » to those who seem to fuck up our lives, selfishly ignoring the consequences for the kids. This is the sweet complaint of a family man against his baby’s mama.
Chill and listen to Dr Jekel’s ballad.
Freestyle Shit totally enlightens Dr Jekel’s flow. Built on xylophone and electric guitar sounds combined with some rhythmic beats, the song exposes Dr Jekel’s life struggle in the Dirty South. The track is lyrically interesting. However Dr Jekel should work a little bit more on his voice that sounds a little bit too weak in the background in my opinion.
Walking Though The Rain will probably enchant black music lovers. The song is constructed on beautiful female vocals that are intelligently combined with Dr Jekel’s voice.
The elements mentioned above give Dr Jekel’s song a profound spiritual dimension that will remind many listeners of gospel singers in the middle of their struggle against slavery. Well done!
Who Am I starts slowly with soft instrumentals. Let Dr Jekel define himself and tell you how he rides in the streets.
Discover Dr Jekel on his my space account.

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