Discover Livewire 420, an interesting combination of artistic collaborations from the D

Livewire 420 is composed of Detroit emcees, J Rock Tape, Claymore, Dee Oh Gee, Dubphonics, Malaki The Most Hi and Wakeem.
MC Stu-ttttt-er is an interesting and original piece of work. Did you stu-tt-er, guy?
Distorted words and sounds are mixed up with vocals. The distorted words you hear in the track are combined with an incredible speech : that’s the beauty of it. Listen to this song, it will certainly amaze you.
Electronic, robotic and nevertheless so human in its dimension, the song is a incredible artistic creation as far as I am concerned.
Gangsta Shit Died introduces you into a dark and lyrical dimension. Welcome to the world of emceeing where real raps are men’s allday passion .
Keyboards, violins, drums in the background will reinforce the darkness of the atmosphere.
Pull Up In A Track is a beautiful rhythmic track in collaboration with Malaki The Most Hi. Malaki The Most Hi is that incredible emcee from Sleeper Cell Records who flows faster than the wind.
In The Depths Of Hell draws the darkness of the D and also enlightens good lyrical skills. Based on a gloomy instrumental background, the well written song will allow the listener to discover Dee Oh Gee’s endowment for his art.
Don’t sleep on Livewire 420, an association of emcees who live out their passion to the fullest. Check them out here.

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