Taste a few samples of Proof’s work with Detroit group 5Ela

Proof’s collaborations with 5 Ela are less known from the public’s ear. They are also much more difficult to find on the net. However, I was lucky to find some links thanks to the Iron Fist Fans board.
I will share my impressions with you about three pieces of work, Yester Years EP feat. Proof, The Album That Time Forgot feat. Proof and 5Ela Part 3 feat. Proof.
In fact Proof and Thyme started 5Ela: “I was real cool with Thyme’s little brother, it was actually Thyme and Proof who started the group.” (Mudd). Originally called Tribe Of The Woods, Proof and Mudd changed the group’s name into 5Ela.
The group is a perfect example of artists who work for the love of hip hop. 5 Ela defines itself as “3 man, 5 elements, acting as 1 man” team let’s you know that “It’s 5 Ela 4 Life”
5Ela Part 3 contains lyrically and instrumentally tracks. Either Or is built on an entertaining melody, some catchy beats that are intelligently combined with some well thought lyrics. 5Ela has a unique Detroit flavor: more strikingly, the amazing artists manage to underline their passion for the music and to spice it up with some ill beats.
Trumpets and drums introduce the unforgettable Neva Seen track. Let 5 E transport you into their world. Enjoy the tunes while 5Ela bless the mic.
The Album That Time Forgot introduces you into a rhyming universe. Feel the heat, feel the love, take attention at the astute combination of syllables and value some real local Detroit talent.
Watchawant is a beautiful example of 5Ela’s verbal dexterity. I highly recommend it to the listeners.
Rockshows will humor backstage experiences a little bit. Party Groove is another rhythmic track, enhanced by Proof’s raspy voice. Feel the partying atmosphere and enjoy the track.
Rhymes are all that matter, be sure of it. If you are not convinced yet, listen to Tha Elements, a track in which Proof and 5 Ela combine their incredible talents.
Yester Years is a Big Proof-5Ela collaboration that goes back to 1996.
Searching will allow you to discover a well-handled Proof solo made of astute syllable combination spiced up with a solid sense of humor.
Violins as a musical background, some allusions to porn star Janet Acme introduce you into a filthy universe.
Don’t Stop fully enlightens Thyme’s lyrical skills and rapid flow delivery. Thyme’s flow is just unstoppable, the listener will feel like Thyme suspends his breathing. I highly recommend the track to the true hip hop heads.
Sun Flower is built crazy beats and xylophone musical background that are intelligently combined with 5Ela  and Proof‘s lyrical abilities.
Yester Years has the flavor of those good old Detroit songs.
You will be able to download Proof and 5Ela songs here.
Not each link is currently working. But I think that you’ll be able to download most of the music mentioned on 5Ela’s website. Enjoy some good hip hop thanks to RIP Proof and his fellows.
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  1. Proof always kept his collaborations with local Detroit emcees active. i knew about those 5Ela collaborations, but didn’t get to hear them before yesterday. Proof collaborated with numerous Detroit emcees such as Dogmatic, Hash of I-Mac, the whole IF crew, Purple Gang, Woof Pac, supa Emcee etc etc…besides that he also callaborated with Tech9 and other emcees besides D12.
    Proof had this passion for hip hop, he knew how to keep it alive:)

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