Obstacles: a chance to advance?

Some people say that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger‘.There must be some truth contained in this sentence.
Sometimes, obstacles are thrown on our road. Those obstacles often occur to cross our road at very crucial moments of our life. Obstacles can make us feel discouraged or depressed. Obstacles can make us question our faith and even put in in jeopardy.
However, the way we manage to counter obstacles totally depends on our inner force, willpower to solve the situation and generally speaking of our vision of life.
It isn’t always easy to handle things that poison our life, unwanted, arriving in an unexpected way. Again, I’d like to point out that a positive attitude is ALWAYS your best savior. Even if you feel depressed or discouraged in front of a situation you cannot change, try to envision (I know it is difficult) the positive side of the thing that currently bothers you.
If you know how to react in front of unexpected obstacles, it will certainly make a stronger person of you.
Always remember that problems that encounter in real life are not much different from arithmetic: you gotta find the solution.
As well as there are different ways to solve a problem in mathematics, there are different solution to counter an obstacle. Use your intelligence, your common sense and your optimism: there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
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4 thoughts on “Obstacles: a chance to advance?”

  1. I agree! What don’t kill you makes you stronger. I think obstacles in the road…challege us…to see how strong we really are. In the end, we prove to ourselves, we can overcome anything. Somehow we beat the odds!

  2. oh ye’s thanks for that article on obstacles, especially the fourth paragraph, the words(discouraged&depressed) about a situation.it’s only willpower and that alone can push you out of something big,horrible or disturbing.all credit to Esabelle.

  3. Hello~I really like this article. May I take it as my private treasure? I won’t send it elsewhere out, thank you so much 😀 and all credit to you.

  4. no problem:)
    well if you ever wanna use it on another place, just mention me as the author and it will be ok…

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