Broken Sound Blvd: hip hop to the fullest

Five artists who share the same passion for hip hop compose the Broken Sound Blvd group. While Bonus, Limelight, Lyve Kaos and Wonder focus on emceeing, DJ Trippin is the turntablist of the group.
Expect Expectations will introduce you into the group’s passion for hip hop and for rhyming. Crazy noise, ill lyrics, a nice flow delivery make the group very much enjoyable to the listener.
Art Of Rebellion fully enlightens Broken Sound Blvd’s skills. Built on keyboard and drum sounds, the track will make you feel the flame. Hip hop is a way of life and the pleasure must be even more intense when you are among those who make the music.
Follow These Direction starts with a dark bass musical background combined with some hot beats and lyrics. Follow Broken Sound Blvd on their high speed lyrical race. Nod your head to the track and enjoy the passion.
Mc Degree is spiced up with some electric guitar and drum sounds.
Yes, emceeing is something you have to learn how to do it well and how to earn people’s respect. Understand the struggle, understand emcees’ vision of life.
Listen to the gifted emcees here and you will understand what makes them tick.
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7 thoughts on “Broken Sound Blvd: hip hop to the fullest”

  1. These cats are D.Shiznit. All slang aside, they are really raw, to say the least. Beats, flows, & content are always on point. I always love hearing new tracks form them, and I hope new listeners will also.
    Much love.

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