DMX/ The Year Of The Dog/ album review

After a 3 years break DMX is back with a brand new album: The Year Of The Dog.
After a guitar background intro, followed by Give Em What They Want is based on rhythmic claps combined with DMX’s raspy voice. Give Em What they want has a beautiful hood flavor. Offensive, DMX teaches you not to mess with him unless you want to get laid down, 6 feet deep creeping.
Walk These Dogs is built on a rapid rhythm. Violins and keyboard in the background are intelligently mixed up with DMX and Eve’s voices. Hostile, straight up and confident OG’s, both artists fully master the track.
Another beautiful and rhythmic track is really worth your attention: Pump Ya Fist. DMX introduces you into the creepy streets of NYC. Pump Ya Fist and be ready to fight.
It’s Personal featuring Jadakiss struggles against any forms of fakeness. You gotta deal with the real in the streets.
Electric guitar sounds and rapid beats reinforce the creepy runaway atmosphere of Go For Dat featuring Lil Scrappy. You like talking shit? You gotta be aware that you might get hit hard by DMX. X is gonna give it to ya in no time. No time for bitching.
DMX’ voice can get very dark, sometimes it is very similar to barking dogs’ sounds. This elements gives DMX’ art its particular flavor.
Blood On My Hands is a very beautifully handled gangsta track. DMX teaches you the laws of the streets and spices up the atmosphere in no time.
The Industry underlines DMX’ state of mind about the music industry.
Unlike many people’s opinion, the music industry is a real dirty business in which you can find greedy and fake people who want to play most of them artists like their property.
It is not about the music and the artist: it is all about image and selling Cds. Those people don’t care about the artist as a person.
Lord Give Me A Sign: DMX is a strong believer. In this song, he addresses to God, talks about his fights and asks for directions.
Electric guitars, keyboard sounds and rhythmic beats enhance the final track.
The Year Of The Dog is a real good East Coast album that is definitely worth your buy. Check it out!
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