Dexterity: an example of verbal adroitness-straight outta Compton

Dexterity is one of those skilled artists with a mad flow that won’t leave you indifferent when you start listening to them for the first time.
Zak Jackson aka Dexterity was born in the UK and eventually moved to LA with his family at the age of 8. Dexterity focused an interest on rap music very early and people first gave him the nickname « Young Dre »
The West is in the house. Typical Compton sounds, an amazing verbal dexterity, catchy beats will make you enjoy the skilled emcee to the fullest. Dexterity can flow.
California is a beautiful example of what he can do- lyrically and instrumentally. In short, a must-hear.
I’m Still Me is introduced by dark piano and keyboard sounds and will lead you into a man’s struggle. We hip hop head perfectly know it, it is not about a salary, it is all about reality. Keeping it real in the game is one of an artist’s best assets.
Gangsta Party will overwhelm you by surprise like a storm. Strong instrumentals, dope ass beats and Dexterity’s fast flow delivery will get you caught in the middle of a verbal hurricane.
The track is rhythmic and has a nice gangsta flavor.
Get Ready is another beautiful Dexterity creation. Repetitive sounds in the background, offensive lyrics will introduce you into a fighter’s universe. Dexterity takes over in no time.
Definitely West Coast dedicated, Dexterity is definitely worth your attention. His first album, Nowhere Like The City Of Compton, is due to release in 2007.
Check him out here.