Frazer: another dimension of British hip hop

Frazer is a hip hop artist from London who comes up with a genuine style of his. His assets, An original style, good instrumentals, a nice flow delivery, good lyrics and an undeniable sense of humor.
Frazer’s music resembles to nothing else I have heard in hip hop yet.
Sixteen talks about a misunderstood teenager’s broken dreams. Built on keyboard and rhythmic drum sounds, the song introduces you into a teenager’s mind. When you’re sixteen, you have your whole life ahead you, but many teenagers don’t feel well into body and mind, because they experience lots of problems. Facing that you’re not a child any more and haven’t stepped into an adult’s world can make one feel uncomfortable.
Many teenagers have some ideals, but they don’t know how to reach them. Their head is full of (often inaccessible) dreams and beers and weed seem to be an easy consolation.
The track will allows you to visit a pissed teenager’s mind thanks to Frazer’s talent.
Double Standards has a little jazz/ blues flavor and intelligently points out politicians’ hypocrisy. Frazer’s sense of humor is highly enjoyable.
Do human rights depend on our financial condition? It looks like it is often the case.
Don’t sleep on the well written song!
Eat Your Own Words: I particularly enjoyed that track, because I can relate to it. I carry this dream of being a writer since I was 6 and music (of any kind) has always been part of my life. My family never believed in me. I guess nobody is prophet in his/ her own country.
People who are blood or often very close to you don’t share nor understand your passion. Worst, some of them even try to discourage you from reaching your goals. Oh yea, people, you can eat your own words, because determined people always manage to be where they wanna be- with or without your support.
More about Frazer can be found here.
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