Black Folk Inc: a Dirty South taste from Tennessee

Black Folk Inc is a hip hop group from Tennesse composed of a dynamic trio: B-Lo The Failure aka B-Lo Brown, Extraordinaire The Great and Jimmy Wayne.
Dats Wasup starts in an offensive style. The track is enhanced with some loud keyboard sounds combined with some catchy beats. Ready to follow Black Folk Inc into the club? Feel the harshness of our dirty boys who are crunk and ready to take over.
Uhuh introduces you into an overheated atmosphere. The rhythmic track is built on rhythmic beats and some offensive violin and keyboard sounds combined with a rapid flow delivery. Lyrically the track is very much enjoyable too. Feel the hustle and nod your head to the track.
Trumpets start the Like This (Sheee) track that introduces you into a quite festive atmosphere. Picture some gogo dancers on the table and pimps making some money out of their activities.
Understand featuring Reel is written on a softer R’n’B/ rap mixture. The song decribes true love and feelings.
More about Black Folk Inc can be found here.
You’re fond of Dirty South sounds and you like emcees who keep it real? Black Folk Inc will meet your aspirations, then. Enjoy true lyrical talent combined with some good instrumentals. You won’t be disappointed.
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