Hammer Time

MC Hammer is back again with his FullBlast Digital album. For those who have known Mc Hammer’s style from the early 90’s (like me), his current style is completely different- but nevertheless hot.
The man who made rap music popular has worked on a brand new, refreshing style using more electronic sounds. His my space account will allow you to watch and enjoy a beautiful and rhythmic demonstration of dance, the Look Look Look video. Watch ladies and gentlemen moving to on the floor to the keyboard sounds. Mc Hammer has a real nice flow delivery.
Another of his videos Get To No U, has a romantic flavor and it enriched with some soul/ R’n’B sounds. Listen to Mc Hammer declaring his flame to a beautiful black lady. Soft sounds, sweet melodies: a delightful taste for lovers all over the world.
Among the songs exposed on his my space, Yay caught my attention.
Mc Hammer introduces you into a very enthusiastic dimension. Claps, rhythmic beats, electronic sounds, a rapid flow and a confident and skilled emcee will make you share his passion for his art. This is how Hammer does it. Follow the skilled emcee in his crazy ride.
Hyphy Dumb Buck Crump is another of Mc Hammer’s recent creations. He flows faster than the wind and communicates his enthusiasm and happiness.
MC Hammer is a veteran in the rap game who fully mastered his art. Face it: you can’t touch this.
Check out Mc Hammer’s brand new songs and videos here.
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