Life, adventure and spicing up your monotonous life

Life is a journey. You want some adventure? Don’t complain about taking some risks, then…
Many people would like to live an adventurous life, meet interesting people, meet success, all that preferably without taking any risk.
Most folks complain to have a monotonous life. They are often not conscious that their own daily behaviors are responsible of that monotony.
In life you have to make choices. Most of your choices will determine the life you will live.
I think that one should never be afraid to change his/ her habits. Nobody forces you to have a cup of coffee at 10 o’ clock. Why not do something else like going out or reading a good book?
Matter of fact: if you wish an adventurous life, you will have to take some risks, like facing the unknown or losing a job ( maybe for a better one, who knows?).
Be conscious of the risks, evaluate them, use your common sense and, moreover, don’t be afraid.
Adventure is what spices life up. You are not forced to live an annoying life with no meaning. However, you must be ready to assume the risks.
Why not think that you have nothing to lose and everything to win?
If you have the courage to assume your choices and to take some risks, you have great chances to live a live made of adventure and passion.
Always remember that a life without fear is one determinant key to success.