Keemotherapy: remedy to hip hop’s cancer

Keemotherapy is a 18 year old solo artist who grew up across 6 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan.
Keemotherapy’s music is enriched with some Midwest sounds and gives the underground artist a particular flavor.
Keemo Therapy is an entertaining tack that starts on a very rhythmic melody made of violins, piano, drum and keyboard sounds. The rap game is sick and Keemotherapy is the remedy to its cancer.
Armed with his clever spirit and incisive words, Keemotherapy flows in great haste. Keemotherapy is never afraid to get surgical and will make you fully enjoy his lyrical ability. Don’t sleep on the track mentioned above!
Come On is built on soft vocals contrasting with some harsh electric guitar and drum sounds that will make you feel the harshness of the Murder Mitten.
Looking At is a beautifully « All Eyes On Me » handled track.
Offensive lyrics, rhythmic keyboards, a lot of self confidence are the essential components of a successful recipe that is highly enjoyable to the listeners. Listen to Keemotherapy rep the D with pride.
Don’t miss the gangsta track that leaves no place for the haters.
Discover Keemotherapy here.