Taste Mr Hash’s new joints

Global rating: 4 stars
You don’t just listen to an artist like Mr Hash from Detroit I Mac group: you smoke him with delight. Mr Hash knows how to put your five senses in awakening through his music.
That’s What I Tell Em is nicely introduced by some melodic oboe sounds, electric guitar and keyboard sounds.
The song is written in a pimping style. Mr Hash’s hustle expands worldwide. He’s not looking for romance, he is looking for a good way to make chips. Mr Hash is definitely an outlaw and you gangsta rap lovers will enjoy his style. Don’t sleep on the well written track.
Talk It Over is Mr Hash’s contribution to Proof’s latest IF Hand To Hand mixtape. Deshaun Holton introduces the rhythmic song. Mr Hash has a nice flow delivery on the song. Sit back, chill out and listen to Mr Hash’s track.
When You’re Alone is an entertaining and rhythmic track that sounds like an invitation to dance. Pray for when you’re alone…
Follow Mr Hash’s story: coming from a dysfunctional family, the 25 year old emcee is never giving up on himself and is pursuing his dream with faith. Mr Hash doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind about the government that created some painful situations in the ghetto.
Drums, siren and hammering bell sounds start Listen 4 The Pop. Mr Hash’s club song is highly enjoyable. Lyrically and instrumentally the song is well handled and introduces you into a quite surrealistic atmosphere.
Check out Mr Hash’s new joints here.