Is it always worth listening to other people?

When should we be able to keep an ear open for a valuable advice coming from a good intentioned friend and when should we act as we were deaf in front of people’s words?
It isn’t always easy to know how we should act in front of numerous people’s opinions regarding yourself and your plans.
However, like it is often the case, the answer lies inside of ourselves.
All we have to do is to use our common sense and to be witty in analyzing a friend’s or a stranger’s advice regarding our projects, for instance.
First of all we need to analyze what we really want and how much we want it.
The first question that would come up to your mind should be : « How much do I want what I want and how much am I ready to sacrifice to achieve this goal of mine? »
Then you should question yourself about the legitimacy of the direction you are taking: « Am I actually taking the right direction? »
If the answer to your second question is yes to a 99.95 %, then you should definitely go for it.
Only now that you have responded to both essential questions, you should take a look at your friend or at the stranger’s advices.
If somebody is trying to discourage you from things that really matter to you, and even if the person giving you the advice is a close friend of yours, you shouldn’t listen. Don’t listen to people in case you have major goals to accomplish if they are trying to discourage you. It is YOUR choice, YOUR dream and YOUR life.
Have a look at all the persons who have done great things: if they had listened to the crowd of negative people around them, they wouldn’t probably have achieved anything in their lives.
Fight negativity with all your heart and stay focused as much you can.
You should nevertheless be aware of the many people spreading an apparent positive spirit, telling you that you are right when obviously you are wrong and waiting for you to fall into their trap while they will be the firsts to laugh at your demise.
Remember to always use your common sense and your own brain before listening to other people. This attitude will save you from many disasters.