Mutha/ Better Get Down and Krunk Every Day/ song reviews

Rating of the product:3.75 stars
For those who don’t know: Margate Records CEO has been working on a new mixtape, entitled Mixtape Crap. I already reviewed one of his songs, Mixtape Crap recently. Mutha’s Mixtape Crap mixtape is due to release in June 2006. I will try to give the listener a little foretaste for Mutha’s upcoming mixtape.
Mutha has developed a style of his own through the years. Trashy in his raps, the original emcee fully exposes the 313 in its nudity, its ugliness and its every day reality.
Better Get Down will surprise you: the song starts like an explosion of harsh instrumentals, but the global music background is made of soft flute and piano sounds. Representing Motown in each of his words, Mutha nicely flows with a lot of offensiveness in his words. Don’t mess with him. When you see him coming, you better get down. The track is rhythmic and entertaining. Mutha has nice vocals. Globally, the song is an interesting piece of work that will probably please the listeners’ ears.
Crunk Every Day. Enter into Mutha’s universe made of musical madness. Picture the mind of a person who is totally drunk and high on weed…enter into this crazy universe where everything is spinning around you. Feel the vertigo that is intelligently expressed through the music.
Keyboard sounds mixed up with vocals will increase the sensation of spinning. The dizziness of the situation is underlined through hammering sounds and the perpetuation of Mutha’s « Uh Uh Uh » sounds at the end of the track. Lyrically the song is also very interesting. Mutha makes you enter into another universe and feel the realness of the situation.
Don’t sleep on that song in particular. I recommend it to all of you.