The many faces of Detroit artist Multi

It is quite hard to define Detroit emcee Multi, because his style resembles nothing I heard till now.
I Gotta Bitch is an entertaining track that is built of rapid flute sounds and rhythmic drum and keyboard sounds. The rapid rhythm nicely introduces the « change of hoe » theme of the song.
Each bitch Multi describes is here for a precise purpose: one hoe who likes doggy style, another who likes to bounce around, a third one likes to pull her legs in the air and so on.
Watch Multi pimp his hoes and enjoy the track while he enumerates his many hoes .
Life Ain’t Nothing…but bitches and money…hear Ice Cube’s words into the Michigan emcee’s mouth. The song is actually a re-worked I Gotta Bitch musical background.
Multi transposes the Compton emcee’s words into a typical Michigan context. Check it out.
Get Back starts with some electric guitar sounds that introduce you into a quite offensive atmosphere. Multi gently reminds you that the streets of Detroit are all about realness. Bitches and snitches, stay away from him.
Let the violins lead you into a very rhythmic and quite euphoric song, Get It On. The hood anthem is definitely worth your attention. Lyrically and instrumentally, Multi did a good job.
Curious to know more about the Detroit emcee?
Check him out here.