This fake Eminem stole pics from a lookalike

Identity theft is a delict that should be severely punished.
I have met many Eminem impersonators since I became a fan, but this one goes definitely too far.
Not only does this asshole claim to be Marshall Mathers, he also dares to steal photos from a young Eminem lookalike from Sweden, Patrick Wahlsten.
He fools his « victims », going that far to pretend the pics he stole are proof this is Eminem on the web cam.
However our poser is really unlucky I came across his profile, because I will expose his lies publicly.
You want some more proofs? Patrick Wahlsten is a friend of mine. He is featured on my Eminem dedicated website.
Ok, so now I will leave you in front of a choice:
-whether you keep this account and I will inform Patrick Wahlsten about this identity theft within 24 hours and you will take the risk of being sued. No worries: Patrick will win against the liar you are!
-an other option is left to you: cancel your account, motherfucker!
You impersonators want to be Eminem right? Walk a mile in his shoes then and take his pain too, bunch of assholes!
PS:lol the motherfucker changed his profile and set it private…he admitted being 14 years old…now I want him to cancel this account or he HAS to delete Patrick’s pics…you hear me, you worthless cunt???I have emailed Patrick today, so you know that Court action might be taken against you!!!

5 thoughts on “This fake Eminem stole pics from a lookalike”

  1. Its so cruel to fake people this way and he has no right to use Patrick’s pics this way. Its outlaw, i think Partick should sue this guy, doubtless the winner will be Patrick.

  2. lol the motherfucker changed his profile and set it private…he admitted being 14 years old…now I want him to cancel this account or he HAS to delete Patrick’s pics…

  3. FYI: Patrick wahlsten is a fake himself! no such person. It was a fake account created by some dude who started up a video on youtube, then he made a facebook profile for this so called Patrick character and set up posts and links on the internet to back up the made up character. The pictures are originally from some dude who’s a tribute artist for Eminem who comes from south London. He started when he was about 12 years old after winning a school talent contest. He used to have a bebo profile when aged 16 and these are originally where all the images were stolen and then found on Patricks bebo. Read this from the original Eminem lookalike himself who wrote on patricks wall early last year, Patrick (the fake) deleted the post and then stopped using the facebook account altogether. Also on this Patricks profile are other Eminem look alikes who are under false names and not the original people, i tried searching them on google but it found nothing. Its been set up very cleverly and its convincing without a doubt until you look into it. The convincing story put to Patricks name about who he was, where he came from ect is cleverly wrote also, and it claims he’s in Swedish magazines and he’s done various performances, search it on google, i guarantee you nothing comes up. The real look alike behind the pictures deleted his bebo page and left facebook years ago to stop anyone else creating fake profiles and he’s on Twitter now where he posts pictures up from his phone and he’s even posted new pictures of himself which the fake patrick wahlsten did not have on facebook. i dont recall his username but i know his names Lloyd.

  4. Eminem has not had an easy life, if you people wanna impersonate him then go through one day in his shoes! He’s a real inspiration for people and will always be admired, all the people who want to fake being him are just jealous that he has actually gotten through all the problems that came his way!

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