16 Bars: a taste of “London talk”

British hip hop doesn’t exactly sound like American hip hop and that’s also what makes it interesting.
Most of you have probably heard of Mike Skinner and Dizzee Rascal. Today, I’d like to introduce you to an interesting underground emcee from London. His name? 16 Bars.
His name gives you a foretaste of what he is all about: 16 Bars is the kind of emcee who flows sick and who made a passion of rhyming.
As his song points it out, he is trying to get noticed. Trying To Get Noticed is introduced by some dynamic electric guitar sounds combined with some catchy beats. 16 Bars will communicate you his enthusiasm for the passion that makes him tick.
The artist from East London has a real nice flow delivery and he uses astute rhymes on his track.
Enjoy 16 Bars’ sick flow and his typical « made in the UK » flavor.
The Journey is another beautifully handled track. Built on keyboard and drum sounds, the rhythmic track will allow you to fully enjoy 16 Bars’ artistic qualities and to travel through his mind.
Nice lyrics and nice flow delivery introduce the listener into 16 Bars’ world. Open your ears and let him tell you about his life.
I recommend you The Journey, because the song is very melodic and will make you feel like a globe trotter on the run.
16 Bars is certainly an interesting artist who is worth your attention. Check him out here.