Mad Maestro Entertainment: welcome to the streets of Brooklyn

Today I will introduce you to Mad Maestro Entertainment, a label of Brooklyn that has a lot of interesting tunes to offer to the listeners.
Moreover, the design of their website is definitely worth a look. It introduces you into the streets of the ghetto and allows you to meet a lot of nice people making their music.
As I always tell it to underground emcees who are worried about their promotional tools: a well designed website is half of the way done. The internet is one of the best ways for you to get known worldwide.
A well made website will attract the listener and make him want to know more about you. It will encourage him to buy your records and will help to get you a solid name in the rap game.
When you enter Mad Maestro Entertainment’s website, you are nicely surprised by the intelligent way it is handled. You feel like virtually visiting the streets of Brooklyn, feeling its atmosphere.
The City is illuminated and people are walking in the noisy streets of Brooklyn. Ready for a ride with Mad Maestro entertainment? Follow me.
The first page is dedicated to the daily news regarding the happenings within the label.
The second page offers several business solutions regarding marketing, management and distribution.
The third page introduces you into the production team (Kallisto, J. Frazier, J.Hill and Justone) . Not only will it allow you to have some insight about the producers’ biography, it will also allow you to discover a few songs on the right part.
Page four is dedicated to three artists, Ron Patterson, Chen Lo and Whosane-The Prophet.
Ron Patterson’s song, I Like It Like That, is very rhythmic and has some rich instrumentals. I’m not really a R’N’B lover, but I found this track very pleasant. Ron Patterson has a nice, warm and charming voice that probably won’t leave the ladies indifferent. Check it out when you have time, it is definitely worth your attention.
Another of his songs is We Can Do It. Rhythmic as well, enriched with some good instrumentals, the song is romantic as well and, again, you will enjoy Ron Patterson’s soft and colorful voice.
Chen Lo’s Destiny song will introduce you into a philosophical reflection about life. Keyboard sounds, catchy beats, soft vocals and Chen Lo’s nice flow delivery make this track highly enjoyable. Be sure of it: everything happens for a reason.
Gun Talk will lead you into a fully loaded atmosphere. Chen Low spits with confidence on his track and draws a realistic picture of ghetto violence.
I recommend you Rap Of Today that is beautifully enlightened with scratch sounds. The song points out real love for the music. Yes, we need more artists who live for the love of their art more than for its commercial use.
The third artist exposed on Mad Maestro Entertainment is Whosane-The Prophet.
Listen to Exile: it will teach you about the harsh struggle of ghetto people on the block.
Product of Circumstances is another of his lyrical and instrumental jewels that describes ghetto life with realness.
There are some other songs to discover that I haven’t reviewed on purpose. Be so curious and check them out too!
Page 5 will make you visit the website’s « mall ». Time to watch several interesting videos.
The sixth page will allow you to discover some photos.
A few pages are still under construction, but globally, visiting Mad Maestro’s website is an interesting and enriching journey to Brooklyn hip hop.

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  1. Thanks you so much for the kind words and support. I truly appreciate it. Things like this truly make it worth while. God Bless, Javon, MME CEO

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