Rappers response to Proof’s death [from Shady Base]

Check this out. I found it on Shady Base.
Anytime someone dies in the world period I’m upset. It’s when they get murdered that it really hits home ! For a person to shoot & kill another person, there had to be a tremendous amount of hate & envy for the victim. I’ve had so many of my close homies & even brothers, cousins & my uncle die to street violence. Shit is krazy homie because I feel like I should’ve died in 2001 when n****s tried to murder me & leave me for the wolves. Only God knows why I’m here 2day homie !!!
I met Proof early 2002 in a studio in Los Angeles & we clicked right off the back. The same night we were in the studio doing some mixtape shit while Em 50 & Dre were in the back studio workin on Get Rich Or Die Tryin. Over the years we became real kool & remained homies throughout all the beef shit witt G-Unit so to wake up this mornin’ at 10:41am flip open my sidekick & read that the homie was killed due to a bullet in the head just literally fucked my day. I will end this short letter by saying this, Proof will always be remembered & I as well as the Black Wallstreet family will keep his memory & his family in our prayers 1.
I just don’t know how to feel right now. It’s crazy because we’re suffering all these losses. We lost Bugz. Now we lost Proof. I just don’t know, you know what I mean? We’re all so messed up. Whatever happened, whoever this dude is, is still around. This is just crazy.
I am deeply saddened by the murder of someone I called a good friend. I’ve known Proof for over nine years and will always remember him for the joy and life that he brought into every room he entered. We first met at Detroit’s Hip Hop Shop where Proof was hosting open mics and was considered by most to be Detroit’s freestyle king. Even then you could tell there was something special about him. Some people might be familiar with a well-publicized beef that Proof and I had a couple of years ago. Thankfully though, we had not only resolved our conflict, but we also restored our friendship. Back in December, we went overseas together for a few spot dates in Europe where we had a chance to catch up on “the good ole days”.
We both laughed at how we sometimes forget how far we’ve come, until you look out of your hotel window and see London’s Big Ben or Paris’s Eiffel Tower. On that tour we had a chance to visit cities we never even knew existed. Not bad for two kids from Detroit Huh. His death is such a loss for the hip hop community, and especially for the city of Detroit. I hope that he will be remembered for the talented artist and great person that he was, and not the tragedy that he fell victim to. My thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family, friends, and anyone that was ever touched by him.
You will forever be loved and remembered…..
Royce Da 5’9″
He was one of the forefathers of Detroit hip-hop, said 34-year-old rapper Phat Kat, who recently hung out with Proof at Detroit’s Northern Lights Lounge, a bar that attracts Detroit’s hip-hop heavyweights every Tuesday night. That’s a real blow to the hip-hop community. … He was one of the persons that was responsible for Detroit hip-hop as a whole
Proof was Detroit HipHop. He has been labeled “The Hip Hop Mayor of Detroit”. He was the cornerstone. This is a major loss for the whole hiphop community. Another life gone due to bullshit violence. The last time i spoke w/ him was last week & he wanted me to do a couple new mixtapes for him & his label Iron Fist, Im gonna make sure that those releases still come out for his fans & proceeds goto his family. Proof will always be remembered & loved very much. We need to STOP THE VIOLENCE THO FA REAL!

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  1. I’m just a Frensh D12 fan I feel very sorry Proof was da man you know. peace to his family and friends I love y’all & Proof too rest in peace man.

  2. Ight yea proof was my nigga he was a tru rebel to tha Rap game i have no clue y ne 1 wanted him dead.i give all tha love in tha worll to his friends family n specially D12

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