H2O: a new taste of Michigan hip hop

H 20 (H to O) comes from Inkster, Michigan. The emcee has some good offensive gangsta rap to offer.
Enjoy him spitting with confidence on his Get Krunk freestyle. Krunk is a slang term that is familiar to people who are used to ghetto culture and that combines « crazy and drunk », it usually designs a person that is drunk and high on drugs.
Claps, drums and gunshots work together on the same rhythmic tempo. H 20 is a rhyme spitter who manages to give his club song a particular atmosphere. Alcohol, drugs and a hustling mentality mixed up with a good flow and some good rhymes will make the listener enjoy H2O’s skills.
Dark keyboard sounds will introduce you into a hustler’s world. H2O describes the game of hustle, the drug deals, the weapons and big money.
Feel H20’s routine and enjoy the melodic track.
I Really Mean It: meet a man on mission. The noisy track is beautifully introduced by some good instrumentals. Trumpets point out the festive atmosphere. H2O has a real nice flow delivery and his track is very much enjoyable for the listener.
Fire is a softer and more commercial track. I didn’t like it as much as the preceding songs mentioned above.
However, H20 has some good artistic qualities. Check him out here.