J-Reel, an original taste of Californian rap

J-Reel is an emcee from California.
We Gone is a catchy track that speaks in favor of non commercial hip hop. Claps in the background, drums, violins. The flow is sick and the track gets very lyrical.
Black Diamond introduces into a more romantic note. It is a soft song aimed at the ladies which is very descriptive about their qualities.
Here’s a man who knows how to praise ladies.
Streets Cod is built on rhythmic drum beats. The track is a hood anthem that will remind you of the hard game of street hustle.
J- Reel is certainly an interesting artist who has some undeniable lyrical skills.
However, I would like to point out some weaknesses of the tracks exposed on his my space account.
J- Reel should definitely work on his vocals: his voice sounds ways to weak compared to the powerful lyrics the emcee actually puts in his tracks. The acoustic part would be worth improving a little bit too.
Check J-Reel out here.

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  1. well hello. i was doing a search for J-Reel on the internet and i came across this. I am in J-Reel’s employ at this time.
    can I ask how you came across his myspace?

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