One thought on “Last goodbye to Proof…”

  1. Thank you for your words. I have been visiting all these forums and sites and people really have their priorities backwards. We need to respect and honour life and see people are more then one dimensional. Deshaun was a fabulous guy who will be deeply missed. Yes he was a great artisit but he was a great father friend uncle and son. And a wonderful human being. Celebrate his talent and generous light. We need to focus on the positive and thing we are in control of what has happen happened nothing we can do. whats done is done we can learn from mistake and missed opprotunity. And live life to the fullest with joy and peace. And focusing on negative trival matters is not joyous or peaceful. And allow time to process our grief of lossing a wonderful human being here on earth who touched people through hip-hop his gift for rap and rhyme. RIP Proof Love you and Miss you. Condolences to those who truly are grieving for Deshaun.

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