Linguistics: a hip hop universe where words matter

Linguistics is a rap group from LA composed of Kasper, IQ and Entity.
Hip hop lovers will enjoy the well handled  Glory song. Introduced by some keyboard sounds, nice scratches, Linguistics’ talent is illuminated by a real nice flow delivery and intelligent wordplays.
Let the three emcees guide you through their lyrical world, open your ears and enjoy the metaphors.

Glory brings you back to pure hip hop, the way it should be: non commercial, built on good instrumental and catchy beats, enlightening emcees’ flow and lyrical skills. Linguistics rap for the love and the beauty of hip hop, which is very much enjoyable for hip hop heads like me.

On The Grind is written in a battling mode. Listeners, this is what Linguistics are all about: real hip hop.

The monotonous beats introduce you into the emcee’s harsh fight. A crew that is dedicated to the crowd and determined to play some real hip hop.
Raise your hands in the air and feel the struggling atmosphere.
The track is definitely a great encouragement for people to support underground hip hop. Be conscious of the sweat and the hard work of artists whose efforts aren’t always immediately rewarded.

I recommend you Where Did Hip Hop Go, a rhythmic track that is introduced by numerous violins, harpsichord sounds in the background. The three emcees will impress you with their good flow and lyrical skills.

Most of their tracks are very well handled and will bring you back to real hip hop. Linguistics will communicate you their passion for rap music. There is a lot of enthusiasm and energy contained in their tracks.

Maybe it is just a personal point of view, but I didn’t like Have Faith. The more mature I become, the less I like religious debates tending to prove God’s existence. I have stopped being religious to become more spiritual and I do consider that anybody is free to believe or not…

However, globally, Linguistics are doing a great job. Discover more about them here.

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