I’d like to ask my readers…

to please not speculate about what Eminem might do or not, about him being suicidal or not. This is a huge form of disrespect as far as i am concerned.
Deshaun’s family and Em are going through real hard times. Please respect their pain.
You really wanna help Eminem? PRAY FOR HIM INSTEAD OF SPECULATING.
Ok I had to edit this post, since some idiots think they have the right to insult Deshaun’s memory.
Some of you idiots dare to say: “Proof got what he deserved, he shot first etc…” and then you add a “nice word for Em”. You hypocrites! Em would kick your asses for that:(
Fuck the press, fuck the media, I don’t care about what has been said there. I know in my heart that Deshaun would never have shot first if he wasn’t in real danger.
Who are you to judge him anyway?
I will systematically delete disrespectful comments towards Deshaun Holton aka Proof. Be sure of it, I won’t let a bunch of dumbasses who -obviously- have no idea about what this wonderful Detroit emcee was all about- insult his memory. Go post your bullshit elsewhere.

7 thoughts on “I’d like to ask my readers…”

  1. I really have to agree. As a huge fan of Marshall and D12 I dont want to hear any of that shit either. This has really rattled me. Watching dvds of Slim and Proof on stage is so haunting. I send my deep regards and heart out to Marshall and every one involved. i listened to Proofs album and that last track really messed me up.
    Peace to all. Put the fucking guns down.

  2. I am happy to see that some fans get my point…thanks s.c:)
    also i would like to tell all those ppl who would be tempted to write anything disrespectful about Proof and add a “nice word for Marshall” afterwards to go fuck themselves. I won’t allow that. I always respected Deshaun Holton and ppl have no right to insult his memory, particularly when they pretend to be Eminem fans.
    To whom it may concern.

  3. i totally agree with you on this. when i read what that person had wrote about Eminem being “suicidal” i was really upset. I remember on of eminems songs talk a bout how “we look up to them, they are the sh*t in our eyes” and even though none of us personally know eminem… we feel like we do– through his music and what not — so reading things about Marshall like that upsets us.
    Isabelle there is a really touching video (at least it was for me) poseted on YOU TUBE. its a german *or summin like that* news report but it shows marshall leaving what looks like the hospital or somthing in tears. I know you dont post alot of gossip stuff about him but when i saw that it was really like damn he’s real ya know? i’ll post the link in here if u wanna use it, if not its ok. I just really felt it hit hard when i saw him crying… but thanks for doing such a great job reporting everything, i know i can always get some of the most “honest” and not “fake gossip” about eminem here! thanks!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY06Xj8fsi0&search=big proof

  4. I apologize for passing unwanted news on the thread. I was just pasting news that was passed to me. I apologize to anyone who was offended. I love Eminem I would never want anything like that to happen. Sorry.

  5. I have no problem with that, Cyndy, it is just that i didn’t like the news…i have a bigger problem with ppl adding bad comments about Deshaun and adding a nice word for Em…i will edit my post and speak out my mind about this…ppl have no right to insult Deshaun’s memory.

  6. I don’t understand why all these people are disrespecting Em and Deshaun. It is nobody’s business how Eminem is grieving and as many of the articles have said, Marshall has only a few very close people he spends time with, Proof being one of them, and so nobody can really know what is going on in his head.
    As Marshall said, remember Deshaun’s life, don’t dwell on how he died.

  7. I also agree with you isabelle, the media twist stories and everybody else believes them.
    i will always respect Eminem, and Deshaun will forever be in memories, everyone grieves differently.
    Hope you had a great Easter Isabelle.

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