The meaning of death

This article is dedicated to each person who has lost a close friend or a person that really mattered in his/ her life
To all the persons mourning over Deshaun Holton’s loss

It is easier to talk about spirituality when everything goes well for us. However, when we are touched by a person’s death, we begin to question God’s presence and even to rebel against him.
We raise our eyes to the sky and ask him: Why???? Why did you allow this to happen?
Then we feel like bumping our heads against the walls, questioning something we dont understand. Rage is overwhelming us and we feel so stripped and impotent in front of death.
Death has something definitive, it shows us a point of no return has been reached. We will never see/ hear the person that died- again.
The pain that overwhelms us after a loss is like a sword that hits our heart deeply and makes it bleed. The pain is located very deep. Like the 6 feet deep that separate the dead from the living.
It is very hard to erase the pain caused by death. All the memories we have about a beloved person, his/ her qualities, the good and bad times are invading our mind. I think there is no remedy to such kind of pain and even no response. Only time will and can minimize our sorrow.
However and despite the pain you might feel, there is a consolation for the believers. Some of you might doubt it, but physical death doesnt mean that it annihilated the beloved person we lost. Dead persons just entered an another world, a world into which we dont have access for now. The dead are watching over us. I do believe it.
I had the bad luck to suffer from the loss of a beloved cousin when I was 15. I am convinced that she is in a better place and that she never left me.
I have had several spiritual experiences with the world of the dead. My deceased grandmother appeared to me several times in dreams to advice me when I was in trouble. I am deeply convinced that she is always watching me and that she will never leave me alone until I leave the earth.
Believe or not, Deshaun Holton visited me the day of his passing. I felt his presence. I still have no explanation for the dream I had. But I am convinced that he also wanted to tell me and to all of you that he is fine and not to worry about him, no matter how hard we feel the pain of his loss.
The dead are with us. Sometimes they communicate with us. They have the ability to visit us easily, because they have left their bodies.
Dont consider death as the end. Our beloved ones are in a better place.
Remember: life goes on. Try to honor our beloved ones that passed away. Honor them in each of your words and actions and despite the pain, take the path of life with courage. There are still beautiful and joyful days before us.