Man suspected of shooting rapper turns himself in to the police (Detroit Free Pree article)

Detroit police said a 28-year-old man suspected of shooting a rapper at an after-hours club turned himself in Wednesday afternoon.
Citing witness accounts, police sources said the man — whose name was not immediately released — was both a bouncer at the club and a relative of Keith Bender, another man shot at the C.C.C. nightclub early Tuesday morning.
Deshaun Holton, a rapper who went by the name of Proof and was a close friend of Eminem’s, was fatally shot in the incident. Bender is in critical condition at a Detroit hospital.
According to police, Proof was shot and killed after he pistol-whipped and shot Bender following a fight about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. Proof was shot up to four times in the head and the chest by another man, police said.
Police were interviewing the suspect late Wednesday afternoon.
Proof had a history of run-ins with police — including an arrest in 2004 for assault by Dearborn police. He was acquitted in 2003 on a Detroit charge of carrying a concealed weapon.
Meanwhile, a manager at the C.C.C. club who was there at the time of the incident said the atmosphere was friendly before the fight.
“The incident that occurred happened rapidly and was totally unforeseen,” said Lamont Bryant, 38, who has been working at the club for two years.
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8 thoughts on “Man suspected of shooting rapper turns himself in to the police (Detroit Free Pree article)”

  1. The news about Proof’s death is surreal. When I first heard of the shooting I thought it was a publicity stunt. Sadly enough it was not. When will our society open it’s eyes and stop the senseless killings. I keep reading that there will be postings on Proof’s home page. However, I’ve not been able to locate that site on the internet. If anyone can help a fellow fan and mourner I’d gratefully appreciate. RIP Proof.

  2. proof was my favorit D12 rapper, he could spit the shit and make it sound right. i hope D12 kills the mother fucker that shot him. cmon D12 get em back.

  3. what the hell is going on i loved the rapper PROOF from d12 Eminem i love you to go kill who ever the hell shot PROOF, i cried to i guess it suprized me so much it hurt rip
    Our names
    hold ya heads up d12
    ya fans got ya backs
    4 life love you guys

  4. When my brother Michael J. called me and told me about what had happend to Proof i didnt belive him. I never thought that some one could be so crewl to take the life of a very talented rapper.Well miss proof.I hope they catch the guy who shot proof. Proof didnt deserve that.
    Rest In Peace

  5. This guy shouldn’t get off. They’re tryna pin this whole thing on Proof!! That’s outrageous!!! If they let this guy off, it will be a shame & possibly more violence after that because Proof’s gone. His family & friends are least likely to believe that he did this. Anger is a mans worst enemy.

  6. When my boyfriend told me about it yesterday i couldnt believe it i came staright on net searchinh up about it im so sorry to hear it and who ever did it deserves to rott in hell they deserve to go down for life proof was such a talented man with lots of songs that were liked by lots and him he self he was one the greatest rappers out there

  7. One of my inspirations in life. I listened to rap before this incident, but now i say fuck rap. 50 Cent, G-unit, Fat JOe, Gotti, Shook, fuck all you guys. Its so cool to talk about your guns and your BULL SHIT ego right, but now a rappers dead. Actually i viewed Proof more as a hip-hop artist, all im saying is that this gun and violence bull shit no longer impresses me. These people talk about killing like its nothing, but it is, i lost a true mentor in my life cause of all this bull shit talk, nothing to do with music…

  8. Proof wasnt really my favourite but i did like him… My favourite black man… The voice went very well with the rest of the crue and the only song i heard was good and i discovered thats its allways been in my head until i heard the name the beat came up. Sad to loose someone even if its an animal, its a life.
    Those who believe in god then it was god douing… o tho i think that the soul didnt have anything more to learn in Proofs body and moved on to another one to be another great guy. But Proof wont be forgotten.
    Good luck in ya next life!

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