Supa Emcee: more powerful than a legion of lyrical soldiers

Meet another member of the Iron Fist crew: Supa Emcee. If most of you have heard about D12 member Proof, Purple Gang and maybe his Woof Pac fellows, Supa Emcee remains less known from many people. Supa Emcee is nevertheless an interesting artist who has some good quality music to offer to his listeners.
Supa Emcee is not your average emcee: he has the spirit of thousand soldiers inside of him and comes to you with his incisive instrumental and lyrical weapons. Army With Harmony is one of Supa Emcee’s beautiful piece of work. Built on catchy beats, offensive and rhythmic violin sounds that will give you the impression of an army marching on, Army With Harmony fully exposes Supa Emcee’s incredible lyrical skills. I highly recommend it to all of you.
You like it when hip hop gets lyrical? Then Cypher is exactly what you need. Dark guitar sounds combined with drums and keyboard enlighten the song that definitely represents the hood of Detroit City. Feel the heat, feel people running away from the lyrical bullets Supa Emcee sends with an amazing celerity.
Crazy is a softer track based on a nostalgic musical background. Supa Emcee is as « crazy » as he used to be. Same love for the ghetto, same love for hip hop. Supa Emcee remains true to himself.
Feel That will make you feel the evilness of the hood. The streets are ruled by offensive gun talks. Supa Emcee puts a lot of energy into the track and has a real nice flow delivery that makes his song very much enjoyable.
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