Dear fellow D12 fans, I am afraid to have sad news for you all…

I have been contacted by a Detroit homie a few hours ago…D12 member Proof has been killed at an 8 Mile bar at 4 am Detroit time this morning…
My sympathy goes to Deshaun Holton aka Proof’s family, his best friend Marshall Mathers, his other D12 fellows and to all the people in this world who cared about him.
The news has been posted on Detroit rap dot com.
RIP Deshaun Holton aka Proof. We will never forget you:)

13 thoughts on “Dear fellow D12 fans, I am afraid to have sad news for you all…”

  1. I am sorry to hear that. My heart aches for his family right now. And poor Em too. First the divorce, then he loses his best friend. So sad.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! My heart goes out to Marshall and the rest of Proof’s family, to include the members of D12! RIP Proof, you won’t be forgotten!

  3. Eminem,
    Please get out of the business!! Your are a great rapper!! My heart goes out to you and Proof’s family!!! Man, all the money in the world ain’t worth it. You need to be here to see your your children grow up and hold your grandchildren.I am a grandmother and I know how much it is worth when they put their little arms around my neck.You’ve lost so much!!! It just ain’t worth it and your children are far more valuable.Peace and Love

  4. Thanks for the laughs a good times, thanks for blessing us with your exuberence and words. Today is a sad day, but I hope we all remember Proof as who he was was and not just that he died.

  5. You will be truely missed. You were one of the best emcees, just as good as Em. You evelutionized rap because you blessed us with D12, hence Eminem. You will forever be missed. I know this has hit Em hard!!! He might retreat into drugs deeper. He’s going through too much. He really needed Proof during this divorce. Em might blame this on himself like he did Ronnie because of the Toy Soilder Video. That was made so this wouldn’t happen after Benzino & Proof ran into each other &theythreatend hislife. He might feel obligated to help provide for his family now. He has alot of stress on his plate right now. I hear they have pictures of Em crying when he got the news. They need to just let them greave in peace. I hope everyone in the family will be ok. The details of what happend sounds sketchy, I don’t believe it. The news hurt me. My prayers & thoughts are with his family, friends & fans(us).

  6. I don’t believe the f**kin’ reports!!!!!!! Proof isn’t the type of person to just shoot someone for nothin’!!! The cops are just tryin’ to cover this up cause dude that was shot is an army vet. They said someone let fire off in the air, hench Proof pulled his gun, pistol whipped dude & his cousin shot him in the chest. Proof let off a round due to the sho, which happens & shot dude in the head. His cousin shot Proof in the head 4x’s!!!!! 4 that sh*t was uncalled 4!!!! He had right to carry a gun. He had a permit, he’s famous & he has to protect himself!!! This guy Ethridge isn’t even gonna get charged, that’s f**ked up!!! By them doing this more blood will be shed!!! ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proof is someone, without him we wouldn’t of had D12, hence Eminem. The face of music was changed because of Em. Proof started that. He helped him with his skills. He was just as good as Em, if not better at a time. It’s not his fault certain people didn’t respect him the way he was suppose to be because he was always beside Em. Dude was a true nice guy. He’s gone & his family & friends have to suffer. Ethridge should be chgarged.

  7. i feel bad. just bad. after reading all these comments i can’t take it anymore. just hope em doesn’t go off doing bad things and hopefully he will get married again and have a better life.

  8. Ya just know Mr. Benzino had something to do with this, Acouple of months ago he released a song saying that he killed Proof (strange considering this was before proof got shot.). And Em cut his ass up in their last few bouts, so Benzino got jealous probably saved up all his money from selling “drugs” (probably stole an ice cream van or something) and put a hit out on Proof.
    Go get him Eminem!
    Peace Out

  9. I’d really like to have a link to benzino’s brand new song for me to figure out how much he might have to do with Proof’s murder…Would you mind posting a link, please?

  10. Hundreds mourn slain rapper Proof
    April 18, 2006
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    By noon Tuesday hundreds of mourners had already walked down the aisle of Fellowship Chapel to get a glimpse of the rapper Proof, who was killed last week in a shooting at an after-hours nightclub.
    The rapper, legal name Deshaun Holton, was in a gold-toned open casket, dressed in brown-and-tan athletic wear and his signature Kangol cap  the same kind of outfit hed wear in music videos or around town. A No. 1 Chauncey Billups Detroit Pistons jersey, autographed by several players, was draped over his body.
    He was surrounded by a huge collection of floral arrangements, including some sent by Geffen Records and Interscope Records, the latter label being the home of rap group D12, which included Proof and best pal Eminem as members.
    Detroit Police were a heavy presence inside and outside the church, with about a dozen cops, plus other private security, in the vicinity. Police had said the security was necessary because of Proofs fame.
    A mixture of old and young, white and black  some in T-shirts with Proofs likeness airbrushed on them, some in three-piece suits  congregated outside the church on Detroits west side, giving hugs, breaking down and consoling each other after viewing their friend, family member or favorite rapper.
    It doesnt seem real, said Marvwon of the Detroit rap group Fat Killahz. He was Superman. How do you kill Superman?
    The viewing was scheduled to run through 9 p.m. Tuesday at Fellowship Chapel, 7707 W. Outer Drive. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the same church.
    R.I.P Proof

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