Black Hand music: New York gun talk

Who is Black Hand?
Black Hand is a label composed of the following artists: Chaz, G Real, Graph, Black Hand Chain (group) and Block Staff (group) and DJ Skrilla.
The tracks exposed on my space expose the streets of NYC in their nudity. If you like it gangsta, you will probably taste Black Hand’s sounds with delight. The artists keep it real in their words and music.
Rhythmic drum sounds, electric guitars, gun shootings in the background and lyrical bullets coming from their mouth. Gun Talk makes you travel through the hoods of New York, LA, DC, Virginia. Feel the gangsta mobsters unity. Gun talks take place everywhere: Ak’s, Mac Eleven’s…weapons are ready to shoot. Enjoy the rhythmic hood anthem and nod your head to the track.
Not Like Rick is written on a dark instrumental background mixed up with softer nostalgic sounds. Black Hand is in the game. Bullets, quick money are part of a gangster’s game. Enter into Black Hand’s world and discover a hustler’s life.
Tryna Rep introduces you into Black Hand’s lyrical passion. Monotonous on purpose, claps in the background, the track will probably please people whose passion is made of hip hop and gangsta tales.
Make It Hot is instrumentally very well handled. Beautifully cadenced by drums and vocals, the song is an invitation to swing. Square dance with them emcees of the Black Hand Gang.
Globally, the Black Hand label that proudly represents NYC, has a lot of original sounds to offer to his listeners. Check them out here.