Troubled mind? Clear your thoughts first…

Your mind is confused and you don’t know what to do? A few days earlier, everything seemed so clear into your mind like clear water and now dark clouds seem to be hanging over you. Your feelings are mixed up, and you’re not feeling well in your mind. You probably keep asking yourself what to do in such kind of troubled situations.
First of all don’t let this stress situation invade you completely and make you feel trapped. Stop all unnecessary activities. Sit back in your chair or sofa, put some music you really like into your headphones and breathe a little while trying to relax.
When you will feel better and ways more relaxed, try to think about what caused this confusion into your mind. Try to analyze the situation.
If the problem you are facing depends on you, you must find out which of your actions will help you to minimize the problem or to get totally rid of it. Once you found a concrete solution, do not only put it into words. You must be concrete and apply to it.
In case the problem doesn’t depend on you, close the door behind you and try to isolate yourself from the external world for a few minutes. Try to clear your brain from thoughts of any kind. Just breathe deeply and meditate for a few minutes. While staying silent, try to reach your inner sanctum and ask God for the answers you need.
As strange as it might sound to non believers, God always answers our requests, regardless of what we requested. Of course, God doesn’t always answer us the way we expected him to answer. He might answer through a metaphor or through persons he puts on our roads. Sometimes, God remains silent, despite our numerous calls. Don’t feel desperate about it. Always remember that even silence is a response. Maybe not exactly what you expected, but this kind of response has a meaning too.
Don’t let emotions and confusion overwhelm your mind and affect your spirits. Many problems could be solved if we were willing to make a break and to analyze what caused so much trouble into our minds.

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