Uncle ILL, a Detroit legend with an original sound and voice

Many thanks to Uncle ILL for the info he accepted to share with me.

Jermaine Harbin aka Uncle ILL was born on April the 5th, 1976, in Detroit. Uncle ILL grew up in Detroit. Not only was he the witness of the early stages of Detroit hip hop, he participated largely to its first steps. Rich of 16 years of rapping experience, Uncle ILL has earned a lot of respect on the local scene. However, Jermaine Harbin deserves more recognition on a nationwide and international scale for his numerous collaborations and very original and diverse work.
Largely influenced by Ice T’ movie Breakin’, Uncle ILL started rapping at the age of 12.
How does he sound?
In fact, it is quite difficult to define Uncle ILL’s music. Very open minded about the music, Uncle ILL found his inspiration in many different artists such as Ice T, George Clinton, NWA, Eminem, Kraftwerk, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. With his typical grave voice, Uncle ILL talks about diverse themes from domestic disputes, fake thugs, hood life to moving to the suburbs and nosey behaviors, just to name a few themes.
Uncle ILL uses various instruments and manages to create a very dynamic and energetic sound. You could barely sit down while listening to Uncle ILL: most of his tracks are an invitation to move your body and dance to his music.
Uncle ILL is not a hardcore rapper, he nevertheless deserves the listeners’ attention for his good work.
Back in the days of early Detroit hip hop
Uncle ILL has collaborated with many local emcees on the Detroit scene. In the early stages of his career, Jermaine Harbin needed some beats. A friend of his, Fred, introduced him to Manix of Bassmint Productions.
At this time Manix was producing beats for Champtown’s album, Crazy Home escapist & Check It, an album on which Uncle ILL is featured.
This is also how two young men known as Marshall Mathers aka Eminem and Dan Carlisle aka Mc Hush crossed his road.
Soon Uncle ILL and Mc Hush would unite their talents and their passion for hip hop and work together on their common Da Ruckus label.
Da Ruckus
After his collaborations with local rapper Champtown, the Detroit rapper that would actually play a major role in Uncle ILL’s collaborations is another veteran on the local scene: Dan Carlisle aka Mc Hush.
Both rappers decided to unite their talents and their passion for hip hop and created the legendary label known as Da Ruckus that is mentioned in Eminem’s Stan song.
In 1997, Da Ruckus released an album independently, Quiet As Kept.
Federation Records decided to invest in the Da Ruckus label and the following year, the label would release an EP Da Ruckus Episode 1.
150 Emcees is an example of the beautifully well handled songs from the Episode 1 EP. Da Ruckus Episode 1 is rich of many interesting Detroit collaborations including Eminem, Swifty of D12, Miz Korona, Mad Chemist.
Two singles, « We Shine » in collaboration with Eminem and « We Came Here To Party » in collaboration with Dale, would be released in 1998.
In his Metro Times review of Da Ruckus, Hobey Echlin says about Epidode 1: « Episode1 isn’t just tight, it’s a pretty accurate depiction of a day in the strife. »
You will be able to listen to snippets of Epidode 1 here.
One of Da Ruckus’ main goals was to struggle for more recognition on a national scale. Da Ruckus’ musical style is dark and close to a definitely Esham inspired horror core.
Solo career and collaboration with Mad Chemist
After a while, Hush and Uncle ILL decided to both concentrate on their solo careers.
Uncle ILL started collaborating with Mad Chemist on his solo album Ya’ll Know, that was released in 2001. Mad Chemist produced Y’all Know.
You will be able to listen to some tracks of Uncle ILL’s album here.
I particularly recommend you Cho, Who’s Ya Uncle, Stress and Sunday. Uncle ILL’s CD is full of interesting Detroit collaborations, including Mad Chemisy, Mc Hush and Miz Corona. I’d call it a Detroit underground classic that is definitely worth your interest.
A rich career that is far from ending
Besides his numerous collaborations with fellow emcees,the commercials he did for various companies like Wireless Toyz, Uncle ILL also created his own clothing line Uncle ILL Gear.
Moreover, the talented and dynamic Uncle ILL never gave up his passion for rap: he is still active in making his original music. On November the 15th, 2005, he released a brand new CD, Undisputed (1996-2006), which can be considered as an anthology of his work and collaborations.
Uncle ILL has made a video for his Keep On song that can be found on his my space account.
Uncle ILL is a skilled emcee of experience. Co founder of the Da Ruckus label, Detroiters already consider him as a local hip hop legend. Check out the talented artist who is definitely worth your attention.

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