Edward Munch’s picture applied to music and sounds

I’m not the kind of person who is focused very much drawings and paintings, with a little exception for graffiti, though.
I recently came across a BBC report talking about painter Edward Munch’s biography and paintings. I was amazed at what I learnt from that report. Munch seems to have been the first painted to manage to express the sounds he heard in Christinia, Norway through different colors. Which is really extraordinary.
One of his paintings, The Scream, is charged with a very oppressive atmosphere.
It was quite impressing to discover how the artist managed to transform his emotions and his auditive perceptions, registering all the sounds perceived by his ears and getting them transformed into different colors. The atmosphere of « The Scream » is charged with intense emotions and with huge internal pressures. The main character holds his hands on his ears and keeps his mouth wide open. The tension of this picture seems unbearable. Edward Munch’s talent is undeniable.
Some of you might ask why I wanted to talk about this incredible picture.
The reason is simple: there is an obvious correlation between such kind of painter and a music journalist. When I listen to music (and I am talking about any musical genre from classical music to hip hop and other modern genres), I perceive different sounds and emotions. I also try to understand the artists’ intentions and that’s the reason why I often play the track I am supposed to review over and over again. When I am full of those intense perceptions and sounds, they create an image into my mind. My final review will be the sum of perceptions, sounds and internal emotions put on paper. With my words, I will try to recreate into my readers’ minds what I have lived through the music. Of course my readers might agree or not with what I said, but it will give them a precise picture of my own perception of the musical word I stepped into.
I think that arts should be seen as a whole. Edward Munch is a pretty good illustration of the correlation between music and painting as well as my writings might be a precise description of a musician’s world viewed through my eyes.

2 thoughts on “Edward Munch’s picture applied to music and sounds”

  1. Hi Isa – Some time in the past I read that the suicide rate was higher in Scandinavian countries (than other countries). I wonder if this may be related, in some way, to those people listing to the same Norweigian sounds Edward Munch listened to. The Scream reflects so much inner turbulance, turmoil, and despair.
    Hopefully, the thief who stole The Scream along with two other Munch paintings will have the decency to return them.

  2. I didn’t really know about suicide rates in Scandinavia…this painting really expresses a lot and i found it interesting to analyze its relation to the music…thanks for commenting:)

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