Rolling the Dice in the D

Dice is a key player in the Detroit underground hip hop game.
Dice has been in the rap game since 1992 and he fully represents the streets of Detroit in their harshness and realness.
In his DICE track assaults you lyrically on a harsh instrumental background and he will make you feel unsafe. He’s a Detroit mack and he is not playing. High on weed and smoking crack, getting bitches to sell their pussies, Dice introduces you into a typical gangsta ghetto atmosphere made of alcohol and drug addiction.
The keyboard sounds and beats add to the insecure and scary ambiance.
I recommend this track to people who are fond of Detroit sounds.
Cocaine is taken out of Dice’s Black Monday album.
The track is nicely introduced by some soft , oriental balalaika sounds. Follow Dice’s story of drug deals. From Columbia to America, cocaine business is quite flourishing. The song’s melody and lyrics are very much enjoyable. Dice puts a surrealistic atmosphere in this song.
Original and well handled, Cocaine is certainly worth your attention. Nod your head to the rhythmic and entertaining track.
Good Morning America is introduced by Dice’s raspy voice and some rhythmic beats. Based rich instrumentals, the melody will lead you into Dice’s world. Dice is an eye opener. He will make you feel American society’s disease. Welcome to the streets of America’s ghettos. Feel the insecurity, feel people’s pain and misery. Dice is an American Dream destructor. He shows you the streets in their ugliness. While comfortable people will draw you a picture of a beautiful and safe world, Dice will fuck with their brains and show them his underworld where people’s struggle to survive is a constant fight. The track is musically very interesting too: the melody makes you feel the pain, the rage and the huge insecurity. It is also enriched by some reggae notes.
Homie Don’t starts with electric guitar and keyboard sounds. The track has a definitely an old school style that might made you think about Ice Cube’s tracks. Dice has a nice flow delivery and rap lovers will enjoy aimed at some bitches and hoes playing with men as if they were toys.
Check out Dice here.