Krumbz’ music is bananas!

Underground Bundle Volume I review
Rating: 4 stars
First let me introduce you into Krumbz’ Underground Bundle album.
Hip hop heads are going to like the Cue Labs intro. Come into Krumbz universe made of chopped up words and mad scratches sounds. Either you buy the album or you are ready to take the sarcastic curse contained in the intro.
Track 2 starts in a theatrical manner: Krumbz uses a classical music background to introduce his Animal Rap Freestyle. Combined with a good hip hop spirit, Krumbz mixes up different styles with an extraordinary dexterity and gets wild with the lyrics. Get caught in his verbal storm and enjoy the music.
A Bee Ceez will make you step in the world of made drugs addiction , bitches and gangsta. Enjoy Krumbz’ flow and lyrical fantasy on those ABCs. Krumbz spits words like a torrent that never runs dry.
Grimey Freestyle makes Krumbz appear as a menace to weak emcees. The chorus will make you feel insecure on purpose.
Bananaz: I told you his music was bananas! Violins added to rhythmic beats, a good flow delivery and a man who likes to play with words will make this track very much enjoyable. Enjoy his numerous variations on the word « bananas », Krumbz is very good at it!
Kiss Of Death is built on a dark musical background made of keyboard sounds. Krumbz is scary as hell and offensive like a true hip hop soldier.
Sickness is written on a piano and keyboards background. Again, Krumbz spits beautifully with lots of confidence. As he goes on rapping, violins and piano introduce a very rhythmic and sick atmosphere.
The track would barely leave wordsmiths indifferent: Krumbz lyrical ability is more than obvious. I also recommend you 114 bar and the last Bananaz track I had the pleasure to listen to for the first time on Da Shadyspot mixtape 2005. Track 11 is an obvious invitation to dance. Enjoy the rhythmic track and have some fun with Krumbz’ ill flow.
Krumbz’ Underground Bundle Volume 1 is definitely worth a look. The emcee from New Jersey handles his art very well. Yes, Krumbz is « bananas ». Check him out: you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. sounds like krumbz post blogs about him self u read that one above lol he had to write that fans dont talk like that.

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