Trick Trick/ Holla At Ya Mans video review

Rating: 4 stars
You think Snoop Doggy Dogg and 50 Cent are the tightest P.I.M.Ps in a hustler’s world? Then you probably haven’t crossed Trick Trick and his Goon Sqwad fellow Diezel’s road. Not only are Trick Trick and Diezel from Good Sqwad tight rappers, they are also straight up G’s who run the streets of Detroit.
Meet Trick Trick and Diezel in the club, acting like true hustlers getting big deals, making big money out of their hoes’ asses.
The whole track is very rhythmic and enhanced by some keyboard sounds, monotonous on purpose to make you feel the dirty pimping atmosphere. Watch them hoes and go go dancers submit while Trick Trick and Diezel lead their dirty business. The hood is behind them and making bread is an easy commerce to both OG’s. Big deals, big money, big chains, this is the way true hustlers lead their business.
The video leads you into a filthy universe. Weak stomachs and narrow minded people better not watch it, however laid back gangsta rap lovers will certainly enjoy the video that unveils the dirty world of certified gangstas and hustlers. Trick Trick’s vocal performance is very much enjoyable. His raspy voice adds to the dark atmosphere of the video.
Ass shaking and selling sex belong to the game. You like it dirty, filthy and related to the City of Boom? I bet you’ve never seen an ass like that before.
Globally, the two Goon Sqwad members did a great job. The video shows hard hustling times the way they are. Follow the big Detroit bosses into the club. Welcome to their world. Welcome to the hood Detroit City. Holla at ya mans.

3 thoughts on “Trick Trick/ Holla At Ya Mans video review”

  1. What up Isa. Just dropped in to say hello. Where can I see this Trick Trick video at? You got me curious about all these asses. I’ma holla at you on the email too … take care homie!!

  2. Count, good to see ya on here. Trick Trick posted this video on the my space bulletin…i don’t even know if he has it on my space…damn, you gotta check out those fine asses, i am sure you gonna enjoy the way those girls shake them lol i will try to find you a link for the video…

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