Ricky Thug: mixing up softness with a thuggish spirit

Ricky Thug was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to Brooklyn at the age of 12. Ricky Thug has developed an original style of his own.
In fact, the artist manages to combine soft elements with a harsh gangsta atmosphere.
Is A Problem begins with a scary melody. Electric guitar and keyboard sounds will make you feel the insecure ambiance.
Picture a gangsta in the hood. Ricky Ricky that boy is a problem! Better watch your back.
Gangsta starts with some trumpet sounds and some rhythmic beats. Ricky Thug allows you to enter into his straight up G world. Enjoy his fast flow delivery
Talk Like This is introduced by soft instrumentals and scratches sounds and followed by Ricky Thug’s incisive words. Ricky Thug is addressing to his homies. The rhythmic and definitely gangsta track is highly enjoyable.
Money introduces you into a softer dimension and will make you enjoy the many advantages of making some bread. Relax while listening to Ricky Thug’s words.
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10 thoughts on “Ricky Thug: mixing up softness with a thuggish spirit”

  1. So, I’m sorry to leave this question here under your Ricky Thug article – I didn’t know where else to send it. Oops.
    First of all let me say that I’m a fan of this site. I like the music you review and I think your writing has a lot of msgs that help a lot of ppl.
    Recently there have been some rumors by completely random people (I’m assuming) on sites that have absolutely no real reliability. Not being a complete idiot, I know there’s probably no weight or truth behind any of it. But it made me stop and wonder… well, what if it’s true? There are all kinds of type-o’s in the text, which is another reason I think it’s probably garbage. I was just wondering if you had heard anything like this from any kind of a reputable source. Or is it just more internet crap?
    Here it is:
    2/24/06 Local Detroit rapper Eminem reportedly impregnated his ex wife Kim before they were remarried. kim being known mostly for her cocaine addiction apparently threatened Eminem whose real name is marshall bruce mathers 111 that she would have the baby aborted if he didnt agree to marry her, stay home with her while she was pregnant maybe longer, and also buy her a new car. All her demands were obviously met however because she got a jaguar for an engagement present.according to her “cousin” jenny. Marshall phoned into the Mtv show trl a couple months back makeing a statement that he was calling a halt to his solo career closely followed by KIM fileing for a marriage license only a week before the the couples controversial wedding on saturday january 14 in Meadow Brooke Hall. Ems spokesman Dennis Dennehy made a statement that “the two did not plan to honeymoon untill later in the year” perhaps after the baby is born. A few months back on a fuse interview for Shade 45 Eminem’s own uncut satellite radio station eminem was asked if he planed to have any more children a popular question in most interviews in which he always answers no along with the denial that he would ever remarry, but in this particular interview he said “he would try to”, could it be that he was decideing weather or not to except the demands of his ex or did he already but was worried that her cocaine addiction could cause her to miss carry after all his efforts? well lets just hope that this pregnancy of kims will lead to the baby actually being Eminem’s.
    My name is Debbie and I’m Marshall’s mom. Hon, she’s gonna take him for everything and screw him over ROYALLY. She’s a real selfish,nasty witch. He should have never re-married her. I feel sorry for the kids who are being brought up by this suicidal, drug addicted woman. She’s unstable. She already slit her wrists in front of Hailie. My son doesn’t need her. With all of the wonderful women he could’ve met he marries the troll under the bridge! What can I do but let him know I still love him and hope that he doen’t get himself hurt all over again by that awful, awful woman. She’s reminds me of Nancy Spungen, the Sex Pistols groupie who gradually manipulated Sid Vicious into killing her then himself. I think that’s what she wantsto do. Use my son to self-destruct completely. Because she is selfish. And if she’s not happy, nobody will be! I can only hope for the best for my son and my grandbabies now
    (What is above was the first post & then later the same screen name posted this next short post)
    Eminem got nervous at the altar
    Eminem got nervous as he stood at the altar waiting for his bride Kim Mathers when the couple remarried earlier this month.
    According to website contactmusic.com, this was disclosed by 50 Cent who was one of a small group of family and friends invited to the ceremony.
    04 Feb 2006 by News Team
    (Just wondering your thoughts on this ~Shannon)

  2. Thanks for reading me on a regular basis:)
    Some 14 year old girl sent me that crap regarding Kim in my email and she spreads that bullshit on places like my space…the person spreading this looks demented and i think that this info ain’t reliable at all…i never found anything like that in serious Eminem news…
    Anyway, whatever happens inside of Marshall’s couple is none of my business…i don’t even wanna know unless he talks about it publicly. I think he must really suffer from having no privacy at all.
    His mom has never liked Kim anyway, what else would you expect her to say anyway (i’m not sure Debbie said that i haven’t seen those words either yet)
    whatever…we fans need to let the man live his life. i think he really needs to be out of the spotlight for a while…Eminem needs to rest and to spend some time with his family until he comes back…that’s my point.

  3. What up Shannon, it’s ya boy RICKY THUG !!!!! I appreciate the feed back, it means alot to me, just keep listening. I got more instore for all my fans. It’s just music, a universal language. Holla Back !!!!

  4. Isa you the BEST !
    Nuff LOVE AROUND HERE !!! For Real, Im Lovin the description in your article, perfectly said girl !! NO EDITING Needed on this piece. I appreciate your thoughts on Ricky Thug as an artist. I also, ya know want to display the business aspect of the HIP-HOP Culture, not only the creaticity part that’s why I call my mix tape “Street Corporate”. You know this culture has gotten so big. It deserves to be past on to da children and shit, the Royalties and the Publishing all that longevity of hip-hop. It’s become a business, but first it’s a culture..ya na mean ? holla at me anytime Isa !!
    For real.. I could share a whole lotta thoughts with you and all.
    Ricky Thug Ya heard ! (Dont get the Thug part twisted ya’ll)lol…. Being a Thug is not bout just slinging bricks all the time , ha, ha !
    I sling bars, and Lyrics. Music !! That Real Shit !

  5. wow! that was some pretty interesting stuff. Its is quite compelling to hear of a guy who was brought up in the ghetto and not make the ghetto him. But, he rises above that. If only alot of people would realize that living in the ghetto does not make you the ghetto. I am proud of you and wish you all the best in future endeavors. you seem very insperational and i hope you use that to convince others.
    PS: i would love to hear or see your work.
    Nuff Respect!


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