Mr Miggs: representing Oakland, California

Mr Miggs was born in Chicago in 1980. As a young kid, he moved with his mom to LA. Music has always been part of his life, but what Mr Miggs’ preference clearly goes to hip hop:
« Music has always been my strongest interest even at a young age I tought myself how to play piano and then moved on to play in jazz band, as well as symphonic band in high school and eventually moved on to hip hop which has always been my most favorite form of musical expression. You’ll see that in my lyrics… you’ll hear it in my songs… »
Mr Miggs comes up to you with a raw style and a good dose of offensiveness. Mr Miggs is bringing you some new exclusive shit. Watch your back, Mr Miggs is ready to shoot some hot tracks. Not A Gangsta is introduced by some rhythmic and raw electronic sounds…bang bang…Mr Miggs sends his gunshots at you. He’s not a gangsta, but he’s still gonna pop you. Mr Miggs takes you with him into his lyrical storm: you could barely stay indifferent to his music, particularly if you are familiar with gangsta rap. Not A Gangsta brings up the offensive spirit of the streets. The song is well handled lyrically and instrumentally. I recommend it to anybody who likes raw raps.
Slurp It Up is aimed at sluts and bitches. Violins, hot instrumentals and beats, gunshots introduce the track like a melodic symphony. The song is enjoyable and well written. Enjoy Mr Miggs’ talent.
Fuck You Up is an invitation not to mess with Mr Miggs. Better listen to his advice or be ready to assume the consequences.
Globally, Mr Miggs is an interesting and skilled artist who will probably impress you with his dynamic gangsta style. Check him out here.

3 thoughts on “Mr Miggs: representing Oakland, California”

  1. What are you talking about? I listened to his songs on his site, he’s definitely got style. There’s alot of haters ( like you ) who are just mad because of his E-40 diss. STFU this nigga’s tight and is going places.

  2. To the Miggs haters: criticism is allowed…stupid insults are not and will be deleted systematically. If you have nothing interesting to say regarding this artist’s music, keep your stinking mouth shut!

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