P Doz: a Michigan emcee who lives out his passion to the fullest

Which words should I use to describe P Doz’ music? Agile, speedy in handling his words, P Doz comes to you with a confident speech and some good beats and instrumentals.
You like it gangsta? P Doz will help you to keep the gangsta spirit thanks to his dope gangsta beats. Open your ears and let the funky rhythm invade your space, nod your head to the track and follow P Doz’ nice flow delivery. P Doz’ criminal behavior will entertain you: be ready for some good thugging/ hustling atmosphere in the club. If you’re a gangsta, put your hands in the air.
Thugged Out: no doubt!
Playa Hater is aimed at all the weak ass haters and makes them look ridiculous. P Doz shows some good flow delivery. His lyrical skills could be improved a little bit on this track, though.
The Virgo Child is a very rhythmic track in which P Doz will share his life and life struggles with you. Well handled, the track is enjoyable from the beginning to the end.
The Place Where I Dwell has some good soul funky James Brown flavor. Let the trumpets and the beats take over and invite you to dance on the rhythmic track. Enjoy the very descriptive track that fully describes life in the D.
Enjoy P Doz’ sounds here.