Meet Lil Eazy E, RIP Eric Wright’s eldest son

Like his notorious father , Compton legend EazyE aka Eric Wright, Eric Wright JR aka Lil Eazy E keeps his passion for the streets of Compton alive.
To those who might keep asking, Lil Eazy E is familiar with the streets of Compton. He lived in the same place his dad did. Lil Eazy E spent a lot of time and energy working on an album entitled The Prince Of Compton:
« A lot of people probably think that I lived in Riverside, Northridge or in the Valley somewhere. They didn’t know that I was born and raised in the same house as my father, the oldest of nine kids. We were all together. We were a big family. I lived the same life my father lived. I’m representing that and giving it to you on The Prince of Compton. »
(Lil Eazy E)
Lil Eazy E’s album, The Prince of Compton, is due to release in early 2006, so expect some hot music very soon. Lil Eazy E doesn’t sound exactly like his father. In fact, he uses different combinations of sounds and influences and comes up with a brand new sound.
A major Eazy E influence and a little bit of New Orleans flavor from his mom’s side define Lil Eazy’s typical flavor. Lil Eazy E also learnt a lot from NWA legends Mc Ren, DJ Yella, Dr Dre and Ice Cube.
You will be able to listen to a few Lil Eazy tracks on the following my space account.
In his That Fire song, Lil Eazy will give you that specific thuggish flavor and revive the Westcoast gangsta rap legacy. The track is introduced by some flutes and Lil Eazy E is ready to take over the streets of Compton with an agile flow delivery and some obvious skills.
They Know Me is written in a different style and enriched with a rich musical background made of violins, keyboards and very rhythmic beats.
Keep it real with Lil Eazy. The track is aimed at people who questioned Lil Eazy’s credibility as an emcee. Not only is Lil Eazy an O.G, he can spit and brings up some real street credibility into his tracks. Feel the reality of the streets of Compton. Still screaming « Fuck The Police », the streets of Compton have heard of a certified gangsta named Lil Eazy E, Eazy E’s true successor who fully represents the Compton hood.
Coming from Compton is written is a darker style with a pinch of NWA influence. Lil Eazy E has a good flow delivery and spits with confidence.
People who are fond of the Westcoast sound will probably like Lil Eazy E.
Rappers relatives are not always gifted for rap music, but Lil Eazy will convince you with his talent, his true gangsta style and his lyrical skills.
Be ready for the Prince Of Compton: the album promises to be very good. Eazy E and his fellows from the NWA crew put Compton on the map; Lil Eazy’s music is in the continuity of the NWA spirit and true NWA lovers will enjoy Lil Eazy E’s talent.
Lil Eazy E’s website is in the making.
Take a look at it and be ready for The Prince of Compton dropping soon!

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  1. Next time post comments about Eminem in the Eminem category or I will delete your comment. This article is dedicated to Lil Eazy E, not to Eminem!

  2. R.i.p Eazy e. I feel sorry for Eazy-e mainly because I feel that he had such an influence on the commencement of gangsta rap, if never invented gangsta rap he sure participated in the invention and for that itself he should’nt be forgotten. I’m very glad that his oldest son Lil’ Eazy is keeping his father’s legacy alive. I’m looking forward to the release of his upcoming album.

  3. Iam glad that Lil’ E is following in his dads footsteps. I will buy his cd cuz I know it will be hot. Plus Lil’E is so fine I wish that i could talk and meet with him one day.

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