Duece Duece: another Detroit gangsta flavor

Duece Duece like it raw and gangsta. With a good dose of offensiveness, they come to you with the mind of true hustlers running the D. Welcome to the streets of Detroit.
I Ta Da 2 Ta 3 Ta Da 4 will introduce you into a sticky atmosphere. Dark basslines and rhythmic instrumentals in the background make you feel true gangsta shit. You better watch your back in the streets of Detroit, a place where gangstas team up, having their guns fully loaded. Better not mess with people who chill with the killas.
Not That Typa Guy starts with a very joyful and entertaining melody. Clarinets will make you feel the playful atmosphere of the track. Don’t expect the guy mentioned in the song to correspond to your stereotype.
Soft piano sounds, a sweet soul melody mixed up with some raw rap lyrics introduce the well handled song that is all about harsh life struggles. Enter into a prisoner’s mind, reminiscing good and bad times. Let the piano notes make you feel the nostalgia, the memories and the sadness of an O.G who’s been through a lot in his life.
Well handled musically and lyrically. Don’t miss this beautiful track in any case.
Trumpets announce Oh No, a rhythmic track written in a typical Detroit hustling style. Follow Duece Duece in the club, put your hand up and nod your head to the track.
Globally Duece Duece have exposed some interesting tracks on their my space account. The group has some original music with a typical Detroit hood flavor to offer. Check them out here.