Meet Joe Blacula, the CEO of Tephlon Recording Inc

Remember Mr Grizzly? I recently introduced you to a talented emcee named Mr Grizzly of Tephlon Recordings Inc.
Today I will offer you the opportunity to meet the CEO of Tephlon Recordings, Joe Blacula.
Joe Blacula’s passion for hip hop is quite obvious. A definition for his music? He keeps it real and he keeps it gangsta.
Meet him at the club and feel the dirty environment. Let the instrumentals take you by surprise with their electronic sounds and let the beats make you feel the drunk atmosphere. Alcohol and prostitutes pimping are part of the picture. Fuck A Club welcomes you into a salacious, corrupt and nasty world. Joe Blacula has a good voice and spits with confidence.
You liked what you heard? Be ready for Hataz Day Parade, a rhythmic, entertaining track aimed at all haters. Enjoy the melody, the catchy beats and Joe Blacula’s bullets aimed at people who don’t like him. The track gets lyrical and murderous and Joe Blacula is taking over with confidence. No mercy for the haters. You’ll get your ass kicked by somebody who hates you with more energy than you do hate him.
Curious to know more about Joe Blacula? Check him out here.