Street Child/ Street Novacane part 1 mixtape review

Rating: 4 stars
Detroit DJ Babe, the 7 Mile DJ, introduces track Nr1 with some crazy noise in a good offensive Detroit style: scratches, bass, drums, keyboards are ready to conquer the world of hip hop. The intro is instrumentally and lyrically well handled. Words and instruments seem to explode like a grenade right to your ears. Be ready for war: DJ Babe is taking over with a mad style.
Followed by the excellent Workout 1 track where Street Child shows some nice flow delivery and some real good skills, the first track is just a foretaste of an original and interesting 26 tracks mixtape.
Jump is another lyrical track where listeners will enjoy Street Child’s rhyming ability. The track might remind you of a 50 Cent P.I.M.P style, because Street Child comes up with the mind of a hustler. The streets of Virginia are fully represented in his songs and Street Child has the qualities needed to make a good emcee: he can flow, he puts a lot of energy in his rhymes, handles beats and instrumentals very well.
Whateva You Wanna Do is rhythmic, introduced by various instruments( violins, drums, keyboard sounds etc) and nicely interrupted by scratches.
Be ready for some good hip hop. There is more to come on Street Child’s mixtape. Caught Up featuring Lloyd intelligently allies softness to raw elements.
Cleaning Out My Closet is built on an Eminem sample of « Cleaning Out My Closet » where Street Child puts a very personal note in the track and pours his heart out. Beautiful Eminem/ Street Child mixture that is definitely worth your attention.
You’re a hip hop head? Then you will probably also like Death Certificate that mixes up mad distorted sounds with Street Child’s crazy flow. Follow his scratches-interrupted speech and enjoy the music.
Nod your head to Do Or Die. Save yourself, Street Child is going down and enjoy the hustling style of the song. Beautifully handled, it won’t probably leave you indifferent. Just enjoy the way Street Child is hugging the streets, the man has some genuine talent and masters his art.
I particularly recommend you Workout1, Do Or Die and Breathe.
Oh yea…one more detail: Street Child’s mixtape is available for download for free here.
Discover this hot talent from Virginia and remember the name: Street Child, one of hip hop’s new raising stars.

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