Fond of “bitter sweet chocolate”? Taste Harvey Lee’s music,then…

Harvey Lee is an artist from Lansing, Michigan, with an uncommon voice.
Harvey Lee manages to combine soft R’n’B and soul notes with a hip hop flavor and to give his music a unique and quite nostalgic taste.
Your Hiding is a track that is about a love relationship. Maybe we sometimes try to hide our feelings towards a person, but your glance and body language can’t really lie.
The track that is based on soft instrumentals will make you fully enjoy Harvey Lee’s vocals. Aimed at all the lovers and disappointed lovers in the world, this song won’t disappoint romantic souls.
Do What I Gotta Do is an interesting track and gives you an idea of what can happen during a date.
Grimey Nigga featuring Reals is written in a darker style. The rhythmic track introduces you into the hood with its usual harshness and its problems. The ghetto, place of deadly connects can make you meet the reaper in no time. You gotta keep grinding, as a matter of survival. Filth and dirt belong to this harsh environment too.
Keyboard sounds in the background will make you feel the harsh fight of a ghetto soldier.
Also discover Cater2U featuring Harvey Ley, a soft track written on a rapid rhythm where you will enjoy light xylophone notes combined with keyboard sounds. Soft vocals in the background will enlighten Harvey Lee’s nice flow delivery.
If you are fond of artists with a warm voice who manage to marry a romantic spirit with some typical hood flavor, check out Harvey Lee here.

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  1. This cd is wonderful. It is a cd that can be listened to from begining to end. There is tracks for woman as well as men. Very good vocals also. He represents my city very well.

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