Commenting Betty Kresin’s latest statements about Eminem’s remarriage with Kim…

Eminem and his wife Kim haven’t been lucky with their families. Relationships have always been complicated between family members on both sides.
In 1997, Kim’s stepfather did everything he could for Marshall not to see Hailie when the couple separated, threatening him with a gun and shouting at him:

You are no good. I don’t wanna see you again or I’ll kill you.

All of a sudden, Marshall’s fame has changed some people’s attitude towards the talented rapper, particularly inside of Marshall and Kim’s family. People who despised him suddenly came up with some friendly manners while some others became real enemies, trying to get each dollar he earned a very hard way.
Maybe the sarcasm contained in the following line from the Marshall Mathers song has to do with Kim’s stepfather’s attitude:
« Now everybody’s so happy and proud
I’m finally allowed to step foot in my girlfriend’s house… »

When Marshall married Kim for the first time, his mom and his granny were present, while Kim’s family was absent:
« The first time Kim and Marshall married, none of Kim’s family were here. So Kim’s mother was very angry. And so, this time, none of our family were there. »
It looks like things were reversed at Marshall’s second wedding ceremony: Debbie Mathers and Betty Kresin were not invited while Kim’s family was allowed to participate to the ceremony- with an exception for Dawn, Kim’s twin sister who, for any reason, could not attend the ceremony.
Matter of fact: Betty Kresin isn’t really happy with her grandson Marshall’s decision to remarry Kim. She doesn’t grant his marriage many chances of survival:
« I’m giving the marriage only a 10 percent chance – 18 months, top. »
She bases her statement on Kim’s « wicked » personality and thinks that her grandson is just repeating her own past mistakes:
« I know Marshall loves Kim and he will give this marriage 100 percent.
But I fear Kim, who’s very selfish and who I doubt has changed her self-absorbed personality and will only give it 10 percent.
Marshall is just following in my footsteps and I fear he’s doomed to the same results.
I remarried my ex-husband – and that didn’t last either.
It’ll be a miracle if Kim and Marshall’s marriage survives. »

Did Betty state all this out of bitterness or is there something true in her statements?
We cannot claim to have an objective answer to this question, since we don’t know Marshall nor Kim personally. Anyway, Marshall wanted to give his marriage a second chance. Regarding marriages, nobody can prophecy the future…if this marriage is meant to last, only time will tell. Also, the couple has certainly matured: Marshall and Kim have probably learnt from their former mistakes.
Betty Kresin should definitely let her grandson decide about his life choices in ANY case. He is the person who will share his daily life with Kim, not Betty. Marshall decided to give his marriage with Kim a second chance and to reunite his family, which honors him.
At least, Betty, let him try instead of criticizing him!
Betty also found Eminem’s decision not to invite his mom at his wedding ceremony very cruel:
« That was very cruel.
I doubt Debbie has six months to live but no matter how sick she is, she would have gone to the wedding if she’d been invited. And she should have been. »

Regarding the situation, knowing that his mom is gravely ill, I think that Marshall should envision reconciliation with her as a solution.
Of course, he has been deeply hurt by his mom’s behavior, but forgiveness might help him to move on with his deep inside wounds and to get rid of those demons of the past that keep haunting him.
Maybe he should also grant his daughter the chance to see her grandmother.
Talking about my own life, I have spent years of arguing with my parents, years of misunderstandings etc…all I can say is that time is flying away…now they are old and fragile and I don’t think that their past mistakes matter that much to me.
Marshall is the only one to decide, but giving his mom a second chance would certainly be a blessing in his life.

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  1. Isabell, you have some really good points. However, I do agree w/ granma. She has the experience and is probally correct in assuming that Marshall and Kim will not make it. Personally, I think that we should always wish good to whomever. Of course, it is Marshall’s decision and he is the one who has to live w/it.
    You seem like a caring person, who has had her own problems. It is good that you are looking at your parents in a different life. I feel the same about my parents. They made alot of mistakes, but at the same time only did what they thought was right and worked w/the parenting skills that the learned from their parents. It is when you make a choice to change and make your self better and rise above it all that you can be happy. Carrying demons on your back may make you a multi million in the rap world, but as w/ Marshall it certainly does not make you happy.
    p.s like the new look of your blog!!

  2. Lee I get your point. No matter if Betty is right or not, she shouldn’t condamn Marshall’s marriage before he tries. He is making an attempt to reunite his family…if it doesn’t work, well at least he will have tried his best…he does it also for his daughter Hailie and the two other little girls who can consider him as their dad too, Alaina and Whitney…
    Well, Lee, i have had my lot of problems and have learnt from some of my own mistakes…only forgiveness will make Eminem feel free from his past…i know it by experience, because i have carried heavy burdens for years and kept doing the same mistakes…if i had Marshall in front of him, i’d advice him to reconcile with his mom Debbie before it is too late…

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog Isabelle, i wish we lived in the same place. You would make a great friend.

  4. i think that marshall should follow his heart and with all he knows he will know when to do what when he is ready let him decide what’s good for him. His kids are looking up to him leave him alone yall, go ahead marshall do that thing. Heather

  5. I love this blog, doll! And kudos to him for giving his marriage another shot-he has always given the impression of being a wonderful dad so I can see him trying this just as much for Hailie’s sake too. Wish both of them all the luck in the world as marriage is tough enough without being in the spotlight like they will be.

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