Dirty Politix: an interesting panel of Detroit artists

Who are Dirty Politix? Dirty Politix is a rap group from the South West of Detroit (the Spanish side of Detroit City). Composed of Supreme, La Mayeya, S.W. Chyld, Xiomara, Crazy-L, G-Style, Mynt, E-Class and J-Roc, the group is very diverse in the use of its lyrics and sounds.
Supreme is the CEO of the group. Songwriter and producer of the group, Supreme puts a lot of energy into his work.
The Dominican La Mayeva puts the reggae flavor into Dirty Politix’ music.
Xiomara is a female singer who spices the music up with her Spanish taste.
S.W Chyld is the youngest, but certainly not the less talented emcee in the group.
Despite an accident (he got hit by a car) and the scoliosis that resulted from his accident, Crazy L always kept the flame and the passion alive. He comes up with some mad skills that will make you enjoy the way he spits on a song.
How do they sound?
Inspired by Dr Dre, the Neptunes and many more artists, Supreme and his crew have developed an original style of their own that reflects the diversity of ethnicities inside of the group.
While some tracks like Xiomara tonight have a soft Spanish sounding flavor, songs like Supreme Freedom Ring are more offensive and politically orientated. Supreme Freedom Ring is a very rhythmic track aimed against Bush’s policy. The anti Bush anthem is an interesting reflection about American history and the so many innocent victims of a greedy government’s policy. The instrumentals and the beats add to the revolutionary atmosphere of the track that is softened by Xiomara’s participation.
Enjoy Crazy L’s Just Like Daddy song. The track starts in a gentle way. Electric guitar sounds combined with keyboard sounds give a nostalgic dimension to the track. Crazy L soon takes over with his great quality skills and his very nice flow delivery. There is one way to describe this artist: brilliant, period. The tracks offers some insight about his life and dysfunctional family. Very well handled from the beginning to the end.
There are so many gifted artists in Detroit, so what makes Dirty Politix different?
I’d say the originality of their sounds. The talented Detroit artists have something different to offer than the usual Detroit sound. Check them out on their my space account.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Politix: an interesting panel of Detroit artists”

  1. Dirty Politix is the next Best thing to come outta Detroit with the brilliance of Supreme’s tasteful production that could never be compared to by anyone else in the entire Hip Hop scene ecspecially with the talented artists such as Crazy-L S.W Chyld Meyeya and Xiomara.Dirty Politix was created by a powerful nucleus of the most club banging beats,great finesse,phenominal lyrics,and originality.theres absolutely no flaws in their style unless you consider Crazy-L’s scoliosis as a disadvantage which I believe could never be held against such a great lyricist.Crazy-L seems to be admired by alot of people in Michigan and not just Hip Hop fans either but Punk Rock and Heavy Metal fans as well with the classic tracks such as “Just like Daddy,”The Madhouse” and his signature title track from his first album “Who Am I” but lets not forget the hardcore yet smooth style of S.W.Chyld the club bouncing music from Meyaya with the chemistry that drives the women crazy and the beautiful sound of Xiomara’s voice.Not to sound like a jock rider or anything but damn! this label is off the chain! Mad love.

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