Two new Solystic songs: My Sorrows and She Is Fly

Solystic is a raw young Detroit talent who definitely deserves a deal with a major label.
The 20 year old talented emcee, who comes up with an original style of his own, has a noticeable good flow delivery. His combination of good lyrical skills, good instrumentals and an impressive flow make of Solystic’s music a high quality pleasure to our ears.
My Sorrows start in a gentle way…picture an every day scene on a very soft instrumental background…suddenly drama drops into your life like pouring rain. Solystic’s rapid voice will make you feel the pain.
Reminiscent of the past, conflicts and messed up relationships, drama after drama, he keeps drowning his sorrow.
Globally, the song is beautiful work, instrumentally and lyrically. You can feel the emotions and the song’s rapid rhythm will make you enjoy this descent into hell.
She Is Fly is a song written on a softer theme. A rapid and a joyful rhythm will make you feel the hot atmosphere of a guy describing a fine sexy woman moving her body. Nice instrumentals and nice beats on that one too.
Globally, Solystic did a great job on both songs. I think they deserve 4 stars. Label owners and listeners, check out this young talent from Detroit.
He is really worth it.