Writers, do you know that you are like the well that never runs dry?

Spiritual people usually refer to God as the well that never runs dry. I always liked this metaphor, because it reminds me of the infinite possibilities that are given to our mind, particularly when we do possess a gift that involves lots of creativity- like writing for instance.
If we picture our Creator as infinite, we should know that God has given us the possibility to use our creativity in an infinite variety of ways.
In fact, a writer who writes with passion should never fear the blank page. Usually when you think that your resources are totally exhausted, you have just closed one single chapter. Even when you know you subject well, stay humble with the knowledge you have: there will always remain things you ignore on your favorite subjects.
Be aware of your ignorance and use your ignorance to do some more research. Also have a look at other people’s work on subject matters that passionate you. Learn from their knowledge and explore the paths they haven’t. You will soon discover that you are able to build more and more resources and to get deeper into a subject that you thought you knew well.
Thats what I actually do and I came to the conclusion that the more I knew on a subject, the less I knew about it.
A call to stay humble? Certainly yes. However, it is much more an encouragement for us to see that we can discover more and that the more we drink, the more water we will get from our well of knowledge.
Be passionate about things you like, and you will never lack inspiration.
My haters say that I am obsessed. Yes today I confess it publicly: I am obsessed. Obsessed with Eminem, Detroit and Michigan rap, mainstream and underground hip hop, soul, blues and jazzy tracks. Globally I am obsessed with black music and any kind of music that talks to my soul.
The difference between my low key haters and me is that I do transform this obsession into something positive like musical emotions put on paper while many of my haters spend their time fantasizing about one single man better known as Eminem.
But I digress. Im not here to discuss about uncreative people who waste most of their time with some empty dreams. I am here to share my passion with my fellow writers and people who feel the same.
Writers, keep the flame alive inside of you and your inspiration will never end. Blank pages? Fuck blank pages! They are made to get filled with ink!
Next time you will fear the blank pages, read those few words aimed at you and you will remain unstoppable and unbeatable.
Use God’s gift: it is infinite.

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