Miz Korona, the “Laila Ali of rap”, representing the D

Most people know her as « Vanessa » in the 8 Mile movie. However, Miz Korona’s passion for rap music goes back to her teenage years.
Miz Korona wrote her first song after listening to Run DMC. She always kept the flame of her passion alive and kept rhyming.
First going by the nickname Pimpette, that was maybe too common and also too much connected to gangsta rap, the talented rapper changed it to Miz Korona.
Curious to know how she found her new nickname? This is the story behind the Miz Korona nickname:
«  “I was rhymin’ with this guy I know in a store on Harper and Nottingham,” she says. “We were in the back, in the cooler. And I saw the Corona (beer). The name kept clicking in my head, so I said ‘I’m a try to place this in a rhyme.’ One day, something told me to look it up, and the definition captured me. I was like, ‘Man, this is my new name. »
Miz Korona’s nickname might be connected with the Corona beer, but it is written with a « K ».
Miz Korona has started recording a song called « Psychodelic » in 1994 with Slum Lowa. Miz Korona has collaborated with many local Detroit artists and the D remains her main source of inspiration.
Brilliant and subtle lyricist, Miz Korona comes up with an energetic and offensive style. She is taking over with her raw voice and rhythmic instrumentals. She is one of those female emcees who spit fire and who conquer their audience in no time.
Enjoy her poweful I’m back song exposed on her my space account.
Scratches, keyboard sounds combined with electric guitars give Miz Korona’s voice a particular and spicy taste. Let her conquer the world of Michigan hip hop and impress you with her incredible and undeniable skills.
Rock On and I Don’t Know are written in the same energetic style; Miz Korona flows like a hurricane, ready to devastate you with her skills and offensiveness. All three tracks are very much enjoyable.
Among very valuable Detroit females emcees like Kameil Madison, Reddbone, Hysteria , Nina Da Pimp, Miz Korona is probably one of the illest female emcees representing the D.
Check out the « Laila Ali of rap » here.
No doubt she will amaze you!

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  1. Wow, when I first heard Miz Korona at 8 Mile, I was like this emcee will be very succesful someday. It’s the fact that “real” female rappers are not many in this industry. Missy, Eve and Lil’ Kim are cool but that’s it. There’s not very many, I think there’s gotta be more female rappers around. I’m writing rap and recording my songs too, and I think females should come out and be the voice of all the women. Producers, go and discover ’em rapping underground!

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